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 Professor Of Runes, Gupta Hassan

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PostSubject: Professor Of Runes, Gupta Hassan   Fri Feb 25, 2011 5:21 pm

Character Name:Professor Gupta Muhammad Hassan

Age: 35

Professor or Student: Professor of Ancient Runes

Appearance: A bit shorter than average, tanned skin, amber colored eyes and a stoic face. Clothes are always pressed and hair is short, black and never shaggy.Usually wears his teacher's robes over a pressed,clean shirt and pants and polished shoes, usually has a scrap of paper of notes wadded in his pocket for some reason.

Blood: Pure Blood

House: Ravenclaw (when he was a student)

Sexuality: Bisexual (but he is not open about it)

Personality: Serious and well versed in his chosen subject. His students would call him stern, but fair. He does not let his personal opinions taint his ability to pass along his lessons to his students. He has unwavering patience, a skill he has honed over the years. He is cordial and polite, but he keeps a distinct distance from most people. He keeps his inner feelings to himself. He shows genuine concern for his students and will aide them in their studies. Just don't ask him about anything personal.

Background: His mother was a mystic in Egypt before moving them to England while he was a young boy. He was always a quiet and family oriented child, fiercely protective of his mother and their small family. When he received his letter, it was no surprise. At first he didn't want to go, but with the encouragement from his mother he left for Hogwarts.

He was promptly sorted into Ravenclaw upon his arrival. His years at Hogwarts were unimpressive, he was a good student, doing well in all his courses. Socially, he was not too open, preferring to spend his time reading books and writing letters to his mother. He was very shy and awkward, not really saying much to anyone outside discussion of scholastic endeavors. The few friends he had would describe him as loyal, helpful, supportive and even tempered. He excelled in potions, Runes, and magical history.

Upon graduation, he worked with his mother deciphering prophecies and ancient writings. He had some talent in it, the local students using him as a tutor while on vacation from school. When he heard of the staff opening at Hogwarts he was a bit hesitant, but again, his mother, the voice of reason, encouraged him to go. He was quickly hired and has finally begun to find his niche.

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Professor Of Runes, Gupta Hassan
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