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 Doctor G.M. Hassan

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PostSubject: Doctor G.M. Hassan   Fri Feb 25, 2011 8:09 pm

Character Name: Doctor Gupta M. Hassan

Age: 29

Appearance: Medium height, medium tone skin, deep amber eyes that always look a little tired. He has short black hair that is always combed. He wears traditional doctor's clothing and a plain, blank expression. One can never really tell what he is thinking. He is known to have small, warm hands.

Staff or Patient: Staff

Sexuality: Bisexual, but is not open about it.

Personality: At first glance he seems cold and stern, but it belies a caring and compassionate nature. He keeps his personal opinions to himself. He does what is best for his patients and that is first and foremost to him. He keeps people at a distance, more to protect himself than anyone else. He is very observant and aware of his surroundings, he has a keen memory and tends to over-analyze situations. He believes actions rather than words have a more profound affect on his patients, something he tries to practice everyday.

A product of a single parent household, his mother would say many kind things to him, but rarely followed up on them. Many a night, he would be left at home alone, with his dog, Anubis and a book. He learned to keep his feelings guarded so that over time, these broken promises would not bother him so much. He promised to himself to always be sincere in his actions, since words really meant nothing.

In school, he was a good student,very astute and prompt.He became interesting psychology and disorders of the mind, using his observant nature to help him write a thesis that his professors found 'enlightening'. Upon graduation, he did some clerical work at a doctor's office before finishing up a rotation at the asylum. He was offered a position there one which he accepted quickly. Here he feels he can continue to practice what he silently preaches.
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Doctor G.M. Hassan
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