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 United States of America ( Alfred F Jones )

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PostSubject: United States of America ( Alfred F Jones )   Sat Jun 09, 2012 4:21 pm

Human name: Alfred F Jones

Country's name: United States of America

Personality section: Alfred is pretty much a happy go lucky person who has no sense of personal space nor is he aware of certain things unless you are very obvious about it due to him being rather naive. He is actually very smart and can be serious but hides all of that behind his happy mask since it is always easier to laugh it off when things go wrong then it is when you're being serious. People who are close to him however do see this side of him and know how he truly is. Alfred is also really protective of his friends, be it due to his hero complex and the fact he does want to protect those who are precious to him. He also tends to be lazy at times and only starts to be active again after he panics when his pants don't actually fit him.

Roleplay sample:

Alfred was overly amused and overjoyed his heroic plan worked to perfection. He managed to catch the canadian by surprise and see him in his jammies. Which he would so tease him about later seriously maple leaf jammies? Really Mattie?. Consider it pay back for making fun of his rocket ship boxers... and the superman ones. The plushie bear that was pretty obvious beside Mattie was a nice touch. Who knew the canadian still slept with toys like that.

He wrapped his arms around Mattie and pulled him back into bed again wrapping an arm around his waist. " As if rules ever stopped me and it was really easy to get the password for Hufflepuff just flirt a bit with the first years, usually they are more then willing to give the password just to gain some attention from ya." Alfred started to play with the strands of blond hair which was framing Mattie's face " You look so peaceful sleeping I didn't want to wake you just yet"

Alfred grinned feeling very proud of himself when Mattie started to mutter about how the hell he woke up before him. True he usually was the last one to wake up since he can be very lazy and liked his sleep time but he was so excited about this weekend that he couldn't really sleep. He kept going over and over all the ideas and plans he wanted to do with Mattie then as soon as the sun was peeking over the horizon, Alfred was already up getting showered and dressed. " there was just so much stuff I wanted to do with you I decided to get up early for a change. Awesome huh? I finally managed to wake up before you and catch you off guard hahaha! It was so worth it!"

It was so tempting to just stay here with Mattie in bed all day. The Canadian always made him feel so comfortable and happy but he knew they had to get out of bed if they wanted the full day to do whatever they had planned " sooo you wanna get dressed now so we can head out?"

( from an amca harry potter rp )

Anything else?:..... I actually like cheese burgers more then reg burgers? and my cat is actually a commie ;~;? I like the colour purple in any form.. and lavender... which is a form of purple so yes just purple..

MSN account:kasumi65@hotmail(dot)com

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Kiku Honda


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PostSubject: Re: United States of America ( Alfred F Jones )   Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:35 pm

*hugs super tightly* I'm so sorry I just got to this now...again! But of course, you're accepted!

That picture of Al...I want to hug hiiiiim *blushes*

Ahaha, and oh that lovely RP sample! ^_^

(I like cheeseburgers better than regular hamburgers too...and it seems Alfred's always munching on a cheeseburger rather than just a simple hamburger since it has the cheese and fixings in it all the time XD)

Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your time here (I know I'm already super happy you're here). Now that you're accepted you can post up an introduction for yourself in the Introduction section. You can also add an icon for yourself if you'd like, and of course now you can start posting up character profiles in the AUs~! <3

I still owe you that spanking too XD
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Arthur Kirkland


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PostSubject: Re: United States of America ( Alfred F Jones )   Mon Jun 11, 2012 4:20 pm

*clears throat* I see you've arrived, yank. *frowns*

((Welcome~!!! I promise I'm not nearly as stodgy irl as Mr. Eyebrows. <3))

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PostSubject: Re: United States of America ( Alfred F Jones )   

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United States of America ( Alfred F Jones )
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