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 Alfred F Jones

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PostSubject: Alfred F Jones   Alfred F Jones I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2012 8:02 am

Character Name: Alfred F Jones


Professor or Student: Student.


Alfred F Jones Gryffi10
(Art belongs to chim__chim-d4231eb)

Blood : half-blood wizard

House: Gryffindor

Sexuality: Bisexual

BirthPlace: United States of America


Alfred is usually very easy going and gets along with most people with his loud but friendly personality but sometimes people can find him annoying due to the fact he's very naive and has no regards for personal space or even what that means.

He also can be rather egotiscal when it comes to certain things about himself and often sees himself as a person who needs to save everyone or protect them. He also can be rather clingy and protective to the people he cares deeply for. Be it a very close friend or a lover. If anyone ever hurt them the temper he keeps tightly leashed gets released and Alfred can become cold and cruel. Alfred seriously dislikes bullies and wouldn't hesitate to put them in their place.

Alfred is a decent enough cook at least he thinks so but not everyone enjoys overly fatty foods and sweets nor do they like their cakes or desserts brightly coloured.

Alfred may not look like it but he takes his studies really seriously and is actually smart since he is striving to be a future Auror, he also tends to take Quidditch very seriously as well since he is rather proud to be chosen as a seeker despite his built. he also tends to read a lot and has a huge amount of books which he either owns or borrows from his fellow students. He is often seen with his eagle Hero who perches on his shoulder.


Alfred had a pure blood wizard father and a muggle mother so when he was born, the chances of Alfred being capable of doing magic was very slim and no one was prepared for that one day when Alfred actually managed to get the toys in his room to float around and do a little dance. He was 5 yrs old then, his father of course was delighted but his mum not so since she was afraid her child would be considered different and wouldn't fit in the regular muggle schools. That's when his father had the idea to send him into hogwarts when he came of age.

Alfred never had a problem with fitting in with his muggle friends nor did he see the difference between them and the friends he made while he was at hogwarts. But as he spend more and more time at the magic school. He started to realise there was a lot of things he had to keep from his muggle friends since it was against the rules to tell them anything related to the magical world and that made him withdraw from his muggle friends a bit since he had to be careful with what he said.

He spends as much time as possible in hogwarts now and doesn't even go back during Christmas and other holidays due to the fact his parents wouldn't be there because the business needed tending to. They felt Alfred was old enough to do whatever he wanted to do which was fine to the american. That way no one could stop the heroic adventures he wanted to have.

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Alfred F Jones
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