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 Alfred F Jones

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PostSubject: Alfred F Jones   Alfred F Jones I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 20, 2012 9:48 am

Character Name: Alfred F Jones

X-Men / Brotherhood Code Name: None.. he finds his own name more heroic

Age: 18

Birthplace: United States of America


Alfred F Jones Tumblr11

Mutant Abilities:

kinetic energy, Alfred has the ability to harness all this energy to create a large amount of different weaponry to use at his disposal. Like a Psi-Assassin if you will.

X-Men or Brotherhood: X-Men

Sexuality: Bisexual


He is usually happy and gets along with most people but has a huge dislike for bullies and people who take advantage of the innocent.

Alfred pretends to be stupid on purpose. Due to his hero complex he always wants to be the one to make people happy even if he ends up looking like a moron at the end of the day. With a lot of the humans being against mutants. Alfred just wants to put a smile on their faces even if its only for a short while. He is actually really smart and can usually cramp a lot of information into his head in one day and still remember it the next.

He doodles a lot in a notebook he carries around with him just to past the time. That and the kids are always amused when he draws them funny cartoons. Alfred usually takes time to check out the other mutant kids and help them in whatever way he can. Like a big brother figure. He also plays the harmonica when he feels like it. Alfred is also often seen playing some kind of game on the portable device he carries around with him. He tends to do it during classes he has no interest in since it bores him.


Alfred never got along with his parents ever since he was a kid due to the fact his parents never understood his abilities and were actually afraid of him. They believed what their friends and the rest of the human race considered him. A freak.. someone who wasn't normal. Finally not wanting to be a burden and the fact Alfred knew there had to be more to his life then what he had now. He left home just after his first year of high school and started on a long journey not really having a destination in mind.

It was then Alfred started to see the reality of things.. of how the world really was and started to get more efficient in his abilities. Even though he hated taking lives, he used his abilities to rid people who got away with what they did due to the fact they did it to mutants and not an actual human. It wasn't long till he started to gather a lot of enemies and they found his weakness which was an abandon building where a couple of homeless children were staying. They attacked the building one night and Alfred managed to push them back but the price for it was the death of one of the boys.

Alfred considered himself a failure after that, what's the point of being a hero when you can't protect the people who need it. It was then the X- men found him and brought him back to the school. There he started to recover from the trauma of that event and became extremely skilled with his ability vowing to make sure no one else is killed under his watch.
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Alfred F Jones
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