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 Alfred F. Jones

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PostSubject: Alfred F. Jones   Tue May 31, 2011 2:11 pm

Character Name: Alfred F. Jones

Age: He seems to be about 19, though in reality he’s a lot older than that, not that he actually knows how old he is. When asked he’ll often shrug and say he lost count many, many years ago. He’s guessing it’s somewhere in the hundreds though.


Species: Vampire

Sexuality: Pansexual. It’s never mattered to him what gender anyone was, it only mattered what they were on the inside and the personality they possessed.

Personality: He’s a man filled with great energy, often seeming to shine as he bounces about, never really being able to stay still. A smile constantly graces his face and laughter frequently bursts from his lips. To most he meets he seems like a friendly young man, one quick to befriend others with a bright and dazzling smile.

Where ever he goes he’s quick to make friends with the locals and hardly gives others a reason to distrust him. He seems innocent and dense, with many believing him to be stupid and thinking that he cannot read the atmosphere. This though, is not true. No longer is he innocent or stupid, being around for so long it would be impossible for him to be either. He is rather dense though, but only when it comes to romantic affections. It confuses him, the flirting and all. Hence, when someone flirts with him, he’ll respond with confusion and take all romantic confessions as platonic.

When pushed too far he’ll snap, becoming incredibly violent and sadistic, but more so in a childish manner. Like a small child ripping the wings off a fly, watching as it squirms and flails about in pain as he watches on with a innocent, child like smile.

Background: He no longer remembers much about being human, except that he grew up in a kind, loving family and had a multitude of friends. His memories are blurry of that time, with only a face or two being remembered, and all names having long disappeared. The image of a boy, his brother he thinks, though if he was older or younger is rather fuzzy. This boy, he stands out strongest in his mind, being the one thing he recalls best about his time as a human. His brother was kind, shy and often mistaken for him. His face was the last thing he saw before leaving that life behind and starting his current one.

He currently has no idea who turned him, having never seen the face of the person who changed his life so drastically. When he woke after being turned he was alone, his brother no longer in sight leaving him completely alone. His family could not be found; neither could any of his friends. So he started to travel about.

As a vampire he’s travelled around quiet a lot, not wanting to feed at first, fearing that he would hurt someone, or worse, kill them. Soon though, that mentality changed when he became the target of a group of passionate and ruthless hunters. They never let him be, spending five years hunting him down before capturing him one night, and beating him brutally, until he finally snapped and fought back, killing them all in cold blood and feeding until his heart was content.

Since then he’s been able to feed contently, though only from those he considers to be “evil” or wish to cause him harm. When he’s snapped he loses the ability to tell friend from foe and will kill and feed until he has calmed down, is full or tired. Right now he’s residing in this city, commonly found in either The Velvet Rope or hanging about outside The Chapel.
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Alfred F. Jones
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