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 Leon Banjora

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Leon Banjora

Leon Banjora

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Character Name:
Leon Banjora

X-Men / Brotherhood Code Name:


Leon Banjora  Frtrt10

Leon is quite tall, about 6'3. He has short, dark brown hair, currently dyed black to match the wings, the his usually combed and gelled back, except for two strands which refuse to lie down. He has deep green eyes. Leon has numerous scars from his past, most of which are hidden under his clothes, as well as burns. He also wears plaster over his nose, for reasons he refuses to divulge. His canines are larger than normal and his ears are slightly pointed. He generally wears loose fitting clothes. He sometimes dresses a bit punkish, wearing black, green and yellow and quite frequently, a studded, dog collar. Mainly because it amuses him and its handy when he transforms.

Mutant Abilities:
Leon has the ability to commincate and become any animal he meets or chooses. This ability comes with many advantages. Firstly he is immune to the venom of most animals, seeing as he can become them. Even in human form he can call upon some of those abilties. He can grow claws if he needs to, extend his canines and grow the wings of a bird. He can also grow gills. He can be quick as a cheetah or as quite as a mouse. He has increasd senses as well.

However after being attacked by another mutant a while back he's been stuck with large, feathery black wings. Hence the name crow.

X-Men or Brotherhood:
Neutral, so far


Leon is a cheeky , mischievous soul. He is a person who enjoys a joke and making others laugh. He enjoys pulling pranks and teasing but never desires to hurt others for a laugh unless he knows they wont take it seriously. Or unless its revenge. However he frequently uses humour to hide his emotions when he's angry, scared or upset. He is loyal to anyone he calls a 'mate'. He'll be a friend to depend on if you treat him right.

Leon is also a very down to earth person. He is relaxed and enjoys life to the full and is not afraid to take risks. Anyone who hurts another living animal has him to reckon with.
He is a very sporty individual as well. He loves cricket, football (Aussie footy that is xD ) as well as Australian rugby, swimming and cycling. Leon is also fond of music, particularly rock but is also able to play the guitar and the didgeridoo, and instrument he is extremely fond of.

He is a lot more crude and rude then he acts or speaks. He just holds it all in. Theres white!Leon, the calm relaxed happy young man and Black!Leon the one you get if you royally piss him off, (this is because of the countries history during Gallipoli. However being human ill have to think of another reason I suppose)
He cant stand to see other people being hurt, because he 's watched (and experienced) so much pain himself. (again a history thing orz)


Leon was from a wealthy British background, whose parents gave him up at birth after relising that he was.. well... different. For a few years he was brought up by his uncle and aunt in the outback of Australia. Eventually, they too, abandoned him. For a few years he wandered towns and cities on his own, fending for himself, and becoming quite feral almost. A local orphanage eventually took him in. When he turned five, a rich british man offered to adopt him. Happy and excited to get rid of the little boy , the Orphanage agreed and Leon was adopted. For several months things seemed normal until his "father " proceeded to get drunk and beat him every night, this only started upon finding out that Leon was one of those "things". The beatings turned to floggings and other forms of torture. The man, his "father" used him and his abilties to get what he wanted. Either to rob someone, scare somone, or cause them harm. As a pre-teen he was often chained in the basement and flogged until his body was raw and blood pooled at his feet then made to grind pepper until his wounds felt as if they were on fire, he was often starved. This only happened if he refused to use his powers or used them without permission. . But he couldnt help but not use them. They were apart of him.

However Leon soon learned that his abilities, which for most of his short life, he had resented, were handy as well. They had made him an excellent thief. Stealthy, and quick, Leon finally escaped his hellhole at the age of 13. He fled into the wild until he came across a few fellow mutants. Excited to know he was not alone, he lived with them for a few months, until one of them showed him a school where he would always be accepted.

Despite all this, he has a rlaxed and care free demonor.

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Leon Banjora
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