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 Captain Banjora of the Black Widow

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Leon Banjora

Leon Banjora

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PostSubject: Captain Banjora of the Black Widow   Captain Banjora of the Black Widow I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 12, 2010 8:27 am

Character Name: Captain Leon (or Leo if you know him well) Banjora

Age: 25


Captain Banjora of the Black Widow Dfdfd10

Standard pirate gear, in black and red. Tons of hidden pockets filled with all kinds of things. Long black "hero" coat, trimmed in red spider embroidery. Black cloth over eye due to recent injury. rumoured to have tattoo of a black widow on his back. A small red snake often resides around his neck and his black captians hat with red feathers often hides black widow spiders.

Class (captain, wench, crew member, cabin boy): Captain!

Sexuality: Does it matter mate?

Personality: Prankster, fun-loving, Loyal but is not someone to be messed if it he is betrayed or you hurt his friends. Calm and relaxed in stressful situations like fighting. Has fashioned a reputation that his ship is one of the most deadly on the seven seas, hence the name Black Widow, it harbours a number of ex slave crew members, as well as many animals that are free to roam the ship as they please. Some what of a robin hood character.

Background: His British father owned a large black ship then known as The Southern Cross up until Leon was about 12 years old, his mother was a native of a far away land that his father never disclosed. She and some of her brothers left with Leon's father to travel the high seas in search of adventure. When Leon was 13 his family , except for an Uncle was killed in a fierce battle against a rival ship. From then on he inherited the ship, going from Cabin Boy to Captain very quickly.

He fashioned the identity as a fierce pirate who's ship was deadly to the touch, to board it was fatal due to the number of poisonus creatures said to hide on the ship. He changed the white sails to red and gave it the name The Black Widow. He never steals from those who have little, only those who have too much. He enjoys adventure and the freedom having his own ship gives him.

He's a very kind and friendly soul to those who know him, but hides this fact from those who are starangers until he can trust them. Is very handy with a sword and is an accomplished pickpocket and lockpicker.
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Captain Banjora of the Black Widow
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