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 Captain Arthur Kirkland, commander of HMS Black Rose

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Arthur Kirkland

Arthur Kirkland

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Captain Arthur Kirkland, commander of HMS Black Rose Empty
PostSubject: Captain Arthur Kirkland, commander of HMS Black Rose   Captain Arthur Kirkland, commander of HMS Black Rose I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 21, 2012 3:00 am

[The following has been transcribed from what remains of a log from an anonymous scribe, washed up ashore in 1897 and found by a little boy's dog, who mistook it for a chew toy before it was rescued. It remains the only written log of one Captain Arthur Kirkland, known to many in his time (circa 1683) as one of the most ruthless pyrates the British Empire had produced, though there are countless spoken accounts passed down from those who were lucky (or unlucky, depending on the circumstances) enough to meet him. Kirkland ruled the seas until his death c. 1719. Curiously enough, however, accounts of meetings with the Captain of the HMS Black Rose date until the mid-1700s. The circumstances of his death are, at best, speculation, as is, apparently, its date.]

Captain Arthur Kirkland of HMS Black Rose, known to many as the Gentleman Pirate, aged about a score and three.
The Captain wears hair as gold as the pieces of eight he hunts, and greene eyes like emeralds that glint in sun and moonlight. He stands at about 5'7" but wears boots with a slight heel to make himself taller amongst his crew. While not notably muscular, Captain Kirkland is stronger than he seems (Though it's difficult to tell when he's daintily clutching a cup of afternoon tea, pinkie out like a proper British Gentleman). He dresses himself opulently, like any self-respecting captain of such a ship should; a long red velvet coate with black brocade trim and golden buttons he shines daily, tricorne captain's hat adorned with ostrich, pheasant and peacock feathers, dark navy trousers and knee-high black leather boots. Around his neck he wears a white satin cravat clasped with an emerald, along with a collection of various coines and jewels collected from his conquests.[sic.]

There have been rumours spread about his preference in partners by certain people who are no longer amongst the living, but nothing has been confirmed. His crew know to keep their mouths shut about whatever their Captain does in his quarters late into the night.

Kirkland's personality depends largely on his company. When amongst his crew, he is haughty and unpleasant and, as a result, gets along smashingly with the rowdy men, especially when the drinks start to flow. When conducting 'business' ashore, or in the private company of a select few people, the Captain is very polite and gentlemanly, earning him his reputation as the Gentleman Pirate. However, something about his demeanor becomes slightly off if he dislikes the person to whom he is talking, as if he has become bored with the conversation. He can be extremely condescending to those he finds beneath the level of himself and his crew. His accent remains High British unless he is very drunk, very tired or very angry, in which case it slips into something a bit less becoming of a gentleman, including the particular vocabulary he uses.

Not much is known about this particular privateer's origins. Some say he was born to noble parents but kidnapped and stowed away on a ship. Others say he was born of the sea and had finnes [sic.] 'till he was five years old. Still others say he was a former member of the Royal Navy, turned to Privateering when he realized how lucrative it could be. Only a select few have ever found out the truth, most of whom are dead, and one of whom is his Quartermaster and the closest person he has to a friend. (Rumours circulate about whether the two are related in some way, but the Captain is content to let them remain rumours so long as no ill befalls himself or his Quartermaster.)

[The page is cut off here, though the words "Picke not the Black Rose for it bears Thornes Aplenty [sic.]" are scrawled shakily in what seems to be dark red or brown ink below the main text, possibly as a warning to any who should read this account and meet the Captain.]

[[[*Picture coming soon*]]]
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Kiku Honda

Kiku Honda

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Captain Arthur Kirkland, commander of HMS Black Rose Empty
PostSubject: Re: Captain Arthur Kirkland, commander of HMS Black Rose   Captain Arthur Kirkland, commander of HMS Black Rose I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 21, 2012 3:15 am

...*faints from the epicness*

(Your profiles always make mine look short and silly. I LOVE THIS YOU HEAR ME? <3)

*gets up and runs off, definitely not giggling over this* Well, should we meet on the High Seas, I will show you and your crew no mercy, Captain Kirkland~
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Captain Arthur Kirkland, commander of HMS Black Rose
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