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 Leon Banjora Kirkland~ Gryiffindor

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Leon Banjora

Leon Banjora

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Character Name:

Leon Banjora Kirkland


16/Fifth Year

Professor or Student:



Leon Banjora Kirkland~ Gryiffindor Ffwe10


Pure Blood






(re-uses again and again)

Leon is a cheeky , mischievous soul. He is a person who enjoys a joke and making others laugh. He enjoys pulling pranks and teasing but never desires to hurt others for a laugh unless he knows they wont take it seriously. Or unless its revenge. However he frequently uses humour to hide his emotions when he's angry, scared or upset. He is loyal to anyone he calls a 'mate'. He'll be a friend to depend on if you treat him right.

Leon is also a very down to earth person. He is relaxed and enjoys life to the full and is not afraid to take risks. Anyone who hurts another living animal has him to reckon with. He is a very sporty individual as well. He loves cricket, quidditch, football (Aussie footy that is xD ) as well as swimming. Leon is also fond of music, particularly rock but is also able to play the guitar and the didgeridoo, and instrument he is extremely fond of.
He is a lot more crude and rude then he acts or speaks. He just holds it all in. Theres white!Leon, the calm relaxed happy young man and Black!Leon the one you get if you royally piss him off


Before Leon was born, Arthur and their parents came to work in Australia, during that that time Leon was born. His parents wanted them to both attend Hogwarts, not the Australian Wizarding school available, so his mother and brother left for England, when Arthur was about 7 years old . While their father stayed to finish his tenure in Australia and Leon stayed because he'd made many friends during his time there, only returning to England, unhappily, when he received his letter. His father still works there, he works in Magical Creature Management and he has been studying bunyip and the Yowie and but he visits his family when they can't visit him. Both Leon and his father share the same love of dangerous animals, magical and non-magical. Leon has spent many days in the wild bush lands, deserts and rain forests, helping his father with his work.

He particularly loved working with the dragons in the outback of Australia, his favourite the Antipodean Opaleye and the falsely extinct, Tasmanian Tigers. Drop Bears were fun too. When he got his letter, Leon brought with him a magical tassie tiger, a kookaburra instead of an owl and the drop bear. The drop bear seems far more intelligent then you would think. It looks like an innocent koala, except its eyes. He has the eyes of a demon. The tiger is a magical creature, once thought extinct, the tigers were able to magically blend into their surrundings as if they were invisible, they are said to be similar to Kneazles and believed to be able to work their own magic..

He gets on reasonably well with his brother, although they are sometimes at odds with one another. Leon is relaxed and casual, caring little for any form of formality. Where as this is not so for his brother. They spend much time teasing each other, starting mock fights or arguing about whats proper and what isnt. He's also an unregistered animagus, know one knows of this fact.

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Leon Banjora Kirkland~ Gryiffindor
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