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 Leon the Reclutant Werewolf

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Leon Banjora

Leon Banjora

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PostSubject: Leon the Reclutant Werewolf   Leon the Reclutant Werewolf I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 03, 2010 2:46 pm

Character Name:
Leon Banjora Kirkland



Leon the Reclutant Werewolf Ds12

Human: 6'2, deep brown hair , almost black. Dark green eyes. A bandad across the nose and part of his cheeks hide a scar he's had since he was a child. Has two uncontrollable tufts of hair, on one side of his head, that stick up. Long ugly looking scar across left eye and cheek visible
Wolf: Is a large wolf, with dark brown almost black fur. a small scar on his muzzle is visible. The ugly long scar over his left eye is also clearly visible. Has a few longer pieces of fur that stick up somewhat on his head.

Origianlly born human, later turned werewolf by his brother, much to Leon's horror.


Fun loving, strong, Leon is no pushover, he stands up for what he belives in and for the little guy. He hates people who think they are superior to others. He enjoys pranks and teasing his friends and family. Is loyal to those he cares about.

Leon was born intto an ordinary family. His parents were killed by a rabid wolf, Leon survived because his cries alerted Ma and Pa Kirkland to his whereabouts, they then adopted Leon. This remained unknown amongst himself and his siblings til recently. Only Arthur knows the truth which is why he decided to turn Leon. Although Leon was not born a werewolf, he was taught survival skills , weapons training and various martial arts too keep him safe and alive, from a very young age. His earliest memories are being among dogs and puppies. He has only recently arrived in the city there werewolves and vampires lurk in. His job is bartending at an expensive resturant. (will expand on more later )

EDIT: After being attacked by Gil the vampire, Leon now has a long, ugly scar over his left eye as a reminder to listen when it comes to the pack or vampires. It has left him partially or mostly blind in that eye He sometimes cover's it with make up or letting his fringe down across that eye , it is clearly visible when he is in his wolf form.
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Leon the Reclutant Werewolf
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