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Im Yong Soo

Im Yong Soo

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'Battle Outfits':

Character Name
Im Yong Soo

16 years old

Mutant Abilities
Weapon Construction
This power is a farce in itself. His weapons are real, but are just a copy of the real thing, never as stable nor as powerful. It comes in three steps for him to reach the point of having a feasible weapon, and he is only now learning how to construct his weapons to hold firm for more than twenty minutes. But, if one breaks, he simply has to construct a new one. He learnt this ability over time, in stages, each discovered and compounded upon itself by the time he was 15.

Structural Grasp
Yong Soo can look at anything, and instantly knows how it is made and what it is made of. He understands what makes things tick, and he can pinpoint the elements used to make the object. It's like looking at a blueprint, when he is looking at the actual object. He can re-create copies of these things, not exact, but close.

The Korean is able to take a simple bamboo pool and reconstruct it inside and out to become as strong as steel. He is able change the atomic make-up of simple elements and make them stronger, but only stronger. He cannot reshape, reform or make them weaker once they are strong.

Summoning Weapons
If Yong Soo has seen a weapon (usually the REAL weapon) in person, up close, he can reconstruct it in his hands. He has the power to make any weapon, but he prefers swords, bows and arrows, and pole weapons. They are not as strong as normal weapons, and will break after massive amounts of pressure. Once he is done fighting, the weapons will return to nothing, because holding them is strenuous and he has no need to carry them around when he can summon them again at any time.

X-Men or Brotherhood
He's a student at Xaiver's School. He hasn't decided if he wants to join the X-Men yet, but he is on the side of good. He is in his second year at the school, and is quickly budding as a powerful student and mutant. However, he doesn't seem to take school seriously, and is slacking off many core classes.

X-Men / Brotherhood Code Name
None at the moment, seeing as he is neither. But he has tossed a few around, but none have stuck.


High energy is the name of Yong Soo’s game. He’s always grinning, always has a hop in his step, and is always hard to keep up with. It’s hard to get this Korean to sit still for long, even when he’s playing games he’s running his mouth (People who play games with vocal interaction with him have to tell him to STFU). At work (when he is there), he has perpetual shake in his leg, and once the work day is over, he is one of the first out the door. He loves to climb and hang on people, and he likes to think he rules over Seoul. He doesn’t.

The young Korean is painfully optimistic, thinking rainbows and sunshine shoot out of the arse of the earth. He thinks every single one of his plans will work beyond natural expectation, and usually they don’t. Even if the world had a 100% chance of being hit by a meteor that would destroy human civilization and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it, Yong Soo would point out that the light show would be beautiful. It can be annoying at times how optimistic Yong Soo is.

Yong Soo does not know how to give up a fight, ever. Even if all the cards are against him, he will continue to fight. He’s amazingly persistent, and he will continue the attack until victory is achieved, that or he is told by more than one person to stop. He also does not give up on people, dares or doing something he has planned. Yong Soo’s major fault is that he tries to hard and this can be a bad thing some times. Usually. Just don’t tell Yong Soo that.

Even if his grades at Uni don’t reflect it, Yong Soo is actually very intelligent. He thinks really fast, and is able to come up with complex plans in a matter of seconds. The plans may not always work, but that does not matter to him. He also is a genius when it comes to computers. He builds them for fun, makes them fast and makes them powerful. He has invented ways to make his processing speeds faster, bypassing the mathematics and just fixing the bugs in his computers to make them work.

As hyper and insane as this kid is, he is very keen on the people around him. He probably knows more about you than you even know. He’s perceptive of the world around him, he knows peoples faults and how to exploit them after a short interaction, he can figure what makes someone happy within a short time. He picks up non-verbal cues, and reads into everything you do to understand and pick you apart. And he does this with a few moments after meeting someone.

There is nothing that means more to Yong Soo than family. He will text his family members daily, especially his youngest brother and sister (Hong Kong and Taiwan). He is amazingly attached to them, having a closer relationship with them than most siblings have.

Yong Soo loves having the limelight, being the centre of attention and having everyone watch him; and because of this he will interject himself into conversation, he will do crazy stupid stunts for attention and he’ll work his way into the popular crowd to be noticed. He lives off attention, feeds off it and seeks it out in both positive and negative lights. This is not exactly a positive thing, but he still does it anyway.

There is brave people in the world, and there are those who are either stupid or brave. Yong Soo is the latter. He’ll run head first into anything, with no concern for himself, and risk life and limb to make sure that others are safe and well. He’ll protect the helpless even if he is so injured he should not fight. He’s stupid about this, as well, not stopping for anyone or anything until everyone is safe and well. Some call this a negative thing, but Yong Soo doesn’t at all. He would rather be the one injured than anyone else, he knows that he can handle pain better than anyone else.

If there is one thing Yong Soo loves, it’s a prank, and a well planned out prank at that. He’ll pull them on his friends or on people he’s just met. No one is safe from Yong Soo’s pranks, no matter who you are. You are a target, and one day you will be pranked. It might be a big thing, or something small. You never know. Yong Soo considers himself the prank master, but he gets a lot of his ideas offline.

You’d be shocked to know what Yong Soo can actually do with his body. He can actually bend his form backwards, hold his foot above his head, and can do the splits via kicks. He’s very light on his feet and can do backflips from a standstill. He will act like it’s nothing really, but it’s actually really swag. But on top of that, Yong Soo is also emotionally flexible. He’s willing to do anything for a friend or loved one. Plans are never set in stone in case something comes up. He’s willing to do anything to make those close to him happy.

For attention, Yong Soo will do just about anything. Meaning, he loves to be in the centre of it all and having all the attention on him. He finds it thrilling to be watched and loved, he loves putting smiles on faces and he loves impressing people. His ‘ice breakers’ are outlandish, like flipping from a tree or saying hello to a student from an impossible-to-reach ledge. He loves the surprise greeting approach.

Nationality pride is something strong within the Korean, and he will rub it into anyone’s face. He thinks Korea is the best country in the world and every other country is inferior. He loves to learn about other countries, but he also loves his home so much it hurts. When he is away from Daehan Minguk, he feels homesick after a few days, and misses his food, his culture, his people.

If Yong Soo could spend the day doing nothing, the Korean would be a very happy man. He’s so lazy, and loves to just lay across the couch, with snacks on the floor next to him, a gaming system or his laptop in his face, doing what he does best. Jack shit nothing. He loves days off, and he does just then when he does get time off.

Yong Soo tries to make friends with everyone he meets, he is bright, cheerful and someone who’ll go out of his way to make sure everyone is happy and appeased. He’s talkative and is hard to offend, so it makes it easy for him to make friends. Keeping them, however, is a different story.

Yong Soo is hands on with everything. He loves to touch and feel things, he loves physical contact, he loves hugs and hanging on people, carrying smaller people around, climbing on the backs of the much taller nations, hanging on his friends of a similar hight. Yong Soo has to have human touch to feel loved and accepted.

If you could explain Yong Soo in four simple words, it would be “Poster Child for ADHD”. He is hyperactive, wild, easily distracted, He can and has made careless mistakes while doing things, he does forget things. He’s always jittering a leg at work, he’s VERY impulsive, and he lack an ability to take some situations seriously.

Because Yong Soo is so hyper, sometimes he seems to not read the air. Oh he does, don’t mistake that, he just chooses to ignore it most of the time. Someone can be really upset at him, pissed even, and the teen will just ignore that and act as if there is no bad air between himself and the other person. It’s not because he has not noticed it, it’s because he wishes it was not there, and ignoring the fact that it’s there makes it so he does not have to face it.

Yong Soo can be responsible when he wants to be, he has the capability to get his paperwork done on time, his only problem is he procrastinates. He is very capable of doing things right, as seen with the things he loves to do, but he usually chooses not to do them. But if someone where to inspire him to do better, he can soar high with whatever he puts his mind to.

Yong Soo hates to lose anything, he will put everything into what he does and if he loses he’s crushed. He’ll fight the judges if he is wronged, and he’ll argue against rules if he finds them unfair. He lives to win, and will still be proud of himself for trying so hard, however, as would anyone else, he would be very disappointed.

To the surprise of others, Yong Soo can be very disciplined, especially when it comes to meditating and his martial arts. People have been shocked when coming upon the man while he was in mid-trance, blocking out everything to focus on within, becoming one with nature. His every morning ritual involves outdoor meditation, no matter the weather.

Im Yong Soo was born in Jinbu-Myeon in Pyeongchang, which is in the province of Gangwon. He was the first born son to Im Hea Jung and Im Jae-Sun, Yong Soo was born to a family of prodigy. Jae-Sun, Yong Soo's father, is a Chil Dan, or a Chief Master of Hwa Rang Do, and ancient form of martial arts. Yong Soo has been a study of Hwa Rang Do for 11 of his 16 years of life. He is the youngest student to reach Oh Dan, which means he, if so desired, could have run his own Dojan at 10 if he had so desired, which frankly he could not. Yong Soo is an expert at hand to hand combat, and has claimed the ability to beat anyone whom desires a friendly spar or even a fight with one hand behind his back. He is very flexible and loves impressing people by breaking cinder blocks bare handed.

The eldest of three children by just a few years, Yong Soo has a strong bond to family. He is closest to his siblings, his brother being just 10 months younger than him, and his sister almost a year and a half. He is very protective of his siblings, his little sister, Chung Cha, the most. She was born with a birth defect, and it was Yong Soo and his little brother, Shin Yi, whom took care of her when just toddlers. Because of this, the two brothers have a noticeably close and well working relationship, and they young sister is very dependent on her elder siblings.

When Yong Soo started school, he knew right away this was NOT for him. Sitting still, listening to boring lectures. This has put Yong Soo behind in school, probably to the point that he should be held back a class and probably will be right on track in the American School System. Maybe even behind there, because the poor teen has never really grasp mathematics, thus this puts him in a hard place. It has caused great disappointment in his family. If not for Xavier School for Gifted Yongesters, Yong Soo would have probably been a Korean NEET.

By the time he was 10, after hours of training in the early mornings, Yong Soo would attend an all boy's school. Yong Soo was known for being a martial arts master's son, and a high rank himself, and thus he was targeted for random fights, the standard to beat in the school. In just defending himself, Yong Soo found himself in a lot of trouble. Yong Soo actually developed a lot of his skills in these brawls, having to apply his skills in real life situations.

School has never been Yong Soo's "scene", and he has the absence and tardy record to prove it. He would rather be somewhere else, gaming or trolling online. The teen is not a 'normal' Asian, being a slacker and hating classes like math and science. He's NOT your model Asian student and never will be, and this has caused a rift between Yong Soo and his Father. They don't even talk all that often anymore.

When he was 15, he was approached by a school representative about his powers, which had surfaced, and Yong Soo jumped at the opportunity.

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