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 Im Yong Soo (ROK) (Sorry it's so long)

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Im Yong Soo

Im Yong Soo

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Im Yong Soo (ROK) (Sorry it's so long) Empty
PostSubject: Im Yong Soo (ROK) (Sorry it's so long)   Im Yong Soo (ROK) (Sorry it's so long) I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 16, 2012 3:56 am

Im Yong Soo (ROK) (Sorry it's so long) 010fd7d6

Human name: Im Yong Soo

Country's name: 대한민국, Daehan Minguk, Republic of Korea

Personality section:
High energy is the name of Yong Soo’s game. He’s always grinning, always has a hop in his step, and is always hard to keep up with. It’s hard to get this Korean to sit still for long, even when he’s playing games he’s running his mouth (People who play games with vocal interaction with him have to tell him to STFU). At work (when he is there), he has perpetual shake in his leg, and once the work day is over, he is one of the first out the door. He loves to climb and hang on people, and he likes to think he rules over Seoul. He doesn’t.

The young Korean is painfully optimistic, thinking rainbows and sunshine shoot out of the arse of the earth. He thinks every single one of his plans will work beyond natural expectation, and usually they don’t. Even if the world had a 100% chance of being hit by a meteor that would destroy human civilization and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it, Yong Soo would point out that the light show would be beautiful. It can be annoying at times how optimistic Yong Soo is.

Yong Soo does not know how to give up a fight, ever. Even if all the cards are against him, he will continue to fight. He’s amazingly persistent, and he will continue the attack until victory is achieved, that or he is told by more than one person to stop. He also does not give up on people, dares or doing something he has planned. Yong Soo’s major fault is that he tries to hard and this can be a bad thing some times. Usually. Just don’t tell Yong Soo that.

Even if his grades at Uni don’t reflect it, Yong Soo is actually very intelligent. He thinks really fast, and is able to come up with complex plans in a matter of seconds. The plans may not always work, but that does not matter to him. He also is a genius when it comes to computers. He builds them for fun, makes them fast and makes them powerful. He has invented ways to make his processing speeds faster, bypassing the mathematics and just fixing the bugs in his computers to make them work.

As hyper and insane as this kid is, he is very keen on the people around him. He probably knows more about you than you even know. He’s perceptive of the world around him, he knows peoples faults and how to exploit them after a short interaction, he can figure what makes someone happy within a short time. He picks up non-verbal cues, and reads into everything you do to understand and pick you apart. And he does this with a few moments after meeting someone.

There is nothing that means more to Yong Soo than family. He will text his family members daily, especially his youngest brother and sister (Hong Kong and Taiwan). He is amazingly attached to them, having a closer relationship with them than most siblings have.

Yong Soo loves having the limelight, being the centre of attention and having everyone watch him; and because of this he will interject himself into conversation, he will do crazy stupid stunts for attention and he’ll work his way into the popular crowd to be noticed. He lives off attention, feeds off it and seeks it out in both positive and negative lights. This is not exactly a positive thing, but he still does it anyway.

There is brave people in the world, and there are those who are either stupid or brave. Yong Soo is the latter. He’ll run head first into anything, with no concern for himself, and risk life and limb to make sure that others are safe and well. He’ll protect the helpless even if he is so injured he should not fight. He’s stupid about this, as well, not stopping for anyone or anything until everyone is safe and well. Some call this a negative thing, but Yong Soo doesn’t at all. He would rather be the one injured than anyone else, he knows that he can handle pain better than anyone else.

If there is one thing Yong Soo loves, it’s a prank, and a well planned out prank at that. He’ll pull them on his friends or on people he’s just met. No one is safe from Yong Soo’s pranks, no matter who you are. You are a target, and one day you will be pranked. It might be a big thing, or something small. You never know. Yong Soo considers himself the prank master, but he gets a lot of his ideas offline.

You’d be shocked to know what Yong Soo can actually do with his body. He can actually bend his form backwards, hold his foot above his head, and can do the splits via kicks. He’s very light on his feet and can do backflips from a standstill. He will act like it’s nothing really, but it’s actually really swag. But on top of that, Yong Soo is also emotionally flexible. He’s willing to do anything for a friend or loved one. Plans are never set in stone in case something comes up. He’s willing to do anything to make those close to him happy.

For attention, Yong Soo will do just about anything. Meaning, he loves to be in the centre of it all and having all the attention on him. He finds it thrilling to be watched and loved, he loves putting smiles on faces and he loves impressing people. His ‘ice breakers’ are outlandish, like flipping from a tree or saying hello to a student from an impossible-to-reach ledge. He loves the surprise greeting approach.

Nationality pride is something strong within the Korean, and he will rub it into anyone’s face. He thinks Korea is the best country in the world and every other country is inferior. He loves to learn about other countries, but he also loves his home so much it hurts. When he is away from Daehan Minguk, he feels homesick after a few days, and misses his food, his culture, his people.

If Yong Soo could spend the day doing nothing, the Korean would be a very happy man. He’s so lazy, and loves to just lay across the couch, with snacks on the floor next to him, a gaming system or his laptop in his face, doing what he does best. Jack shit nothing. He loves days off, and he does just then when he does get time off.

Yong Soo tries to make friends with everyone he meets, he is bright, cheerful and someone who’ll go out of his way to make sure everyone is happy and appeased. He’s talkative and is hard to offend, so it makes it easy for him to make friends. Keeping them, however, is a different story.

Yong Soo is hands on with everything. He loves to touch and feel things, he loves physical contact, he loves hugs and hanging on people, carrying smaller people around, climbing on the backs of the much taller nations, hanging on his friends of a similar hight. Yong Soo has to have human touch to feel loved and accepted.

If you could explain Yong Soo in four simple words, it would be “Poster Child for ADHD”. He is hyperactive, wild, easily distracted, He can and has made careless mistakes while doing things, he does forget things. He’s always jittering a leg at work, he’s VERY impulsive, and he lack an ability to take some situations seriously.

Because Yong Soo is so hyper, sometimes he seems to not read the air. Oh he does, don’t mistake that, he just chooses to ignore it most of the time. Someone can be really upset at him, pissed even, and the teen will just ignore that and act as if there is no bad air between himself and the other person. It’s not because he has not noticed it, it’s because he wishes it was not there, and ignoring the fact that it’s there makes it so he does not have to face it.

Yong Soo can be responsible when he wants to be, he has the capability to get his paperwork done on time, his only problem is he procrastinates. He is very capable of doing things right, as seen with the things he loves to do, but he usually chooses not to do them. But if someone where to inspire him to do better, he can soar high with whatever he puts his mind to.

Yong Soo hates to lose anything, he will put everything into what he does and if he loses he’s crushed. He’ll fight the judges if he is wronged, and he’ll argue against rules if he finds them unfair. He lives to win, and will still be proud of himself for trying so hard, however, as would anyone else, he would be very disappointed.

To the surprise of others, Yong Soo can be very disciplined, especially when it comes to meditating and his martial arts. People have been shocked when coming upon the man while he was in mid-trance, blocking out everything to focus on within, becoming one with nature. His every morning ritual involves outdoor meditation, no matter the weather.


  • Kimchi - This is more than a like for the Korean, it is a love, an obsession, a passion that is unparalleled. There are different kinds, different flavours, all delicious. There is spicy smelly kimchi which is up to a year old, yup they can keep it to a year...that kimchi is very spicy and sour. Then there is newer kimchi which is spicy and crisp. There is tons of red pepper, garlic and a little salt. Then there is white kimchi which has no spice at all. Then there is winter kimchi which is a white radish in a clear broth, very yummy. They also have cucumbers, carrots and many other varieties. There is even a museum in Seoul dedicated to Kimchi. First don't think everyone buries it in there back yard that was a long time ago. In fact many Korean homes have a special refrigerator in their kitchens just for Kim chi. It's a perfect topping for almost every, and it is perfect when eaten alone.
  • History - Yong Soo loves to listen to stories from China of times gone by. Yong Soo loves learning the histories of other places, and will probably ask a million question to find out what he wants to know, especially military history. And, to the shock of others, he retains the facts he learns, even dates.
  • Technology - This is another thing Yong Soo loves and it used to. He has a state of the art phone, he built his computer himself, and he has a three tier touch screen monitor system. His computer is a beast that runs Windows, OS X Lion and Linux, is really REALLY fast, has more memory and ram than a computer should, and has blue lights in the shell that shine through fibreglass on the shell. He has rigged up his Internet to be Wi-Fi that is faster than the norm, but it is password protected. And the password changes every week. His laptop was custom built by his own hand too, which is another beast in comparison to anything you can buy at a computer store. 17 inches of power, speed and all three popular OSs make his laptop computer his "home away from home". He has an iPad, which he has not had a chance to break or change, nor does he plan to because of the agreement plan (Which states if he alters the iPad, Apple has the right to take it back from him, which is bullshit in his eyes.) and he has another tablet which does runs Android and Linux.
  • Music - As an import part of Yong Soo's life, he loves music. It is always with Yong Soo, in his phone, in his home, playing in his ears loudly. When he is out in the world, his earbuds are in and he is rocking out SNSD, 2PM, CNBlue or some other Korean band. Or Dubstep. It's brings back memories for the teen, good memories. In Seoul, Yong Soo and his friends get together and dance in contests and even have shows on the street, all choreographed with Martial Arts mixed in, with flips and acrobatics added in for flair. Yong Soo has a stack of break boards set aside for such routines in his room at home, along with his dance outfits. Along with his love of mixed martial arts dancing, Yong Soo loves to sits and veg to music, do his paperwork while listening to music, and he even writes music... on his computer of course.
  • Dancing - As stated above, Yong Soo has a passion for dancing, mainly street dancing shows, which he performs with 9 others from age 16 to 19. They are all a group of friends he is in a troop with, Yong Soo being one of the leaders of it. He plans the moves of the martial arts they had mixed in, and is the safety advisor, making sure every one is in top shape and every move was executed correctly. It's fun to see people's eyes light up when he does a sequenced flip kick combo with the other performers, when all of them moved in perfect unison, when a board was broken. He loves the spotlight.
  • Hwa Rang Do - After many many years in the Martial Arts study of Hwa Rang Do, Yong Soo is an Chil Dan, or a seventh degree black sash. He is considered the 'youngest' Master of the art. Hwa Rang Do means, roughly, in English "The Way of the Flowering Manhood" or "The Way of the Flowering Knights". Hwa means Flower, Rang means Man, and Do mean Way. The "Man" idea in this title refers to an ideal man: one of honor, strength, responsibility, and virtue. The reason for the word "Flower" is to state that just as a flower grows and then blooms, so should a man grow and then bloom. Yong Soo has these traits, but they are buried under the hyperactive teenager's personality. But even if he is hyperactive, he knows when it's time to be serious, thanks to training.
  • Being Lazy - If there is anything Yong Soo is good at, it's passing the buck of responsibility off to someone else. He'd rather lay on his bed playing an on-line game on his laptop in an undershirt and sleep pants than do house work, and he'll pay someone else to do it. He hates cleaning and paperwork, and will do anything to get out of doing them. When he was younger, China did all the work around the house, so Yong Soo never really learned the skills he needed to clean. He is so used to everything being done for him, he's, frankly, unsure how to do it right. It's kinda annoying for everyone who lives with him. He's also an expert at evasion of responsibility unless it is something he wants to do. Don't expect anything less of him.
  • Bright Colours - Unable to pick just one colour from the spectrum, Yong Soo loves bright, vibrant colours. His backpack (yes, he carries his shit around in a Backpack) is a bright lime green, his favourite pair of shoes are yellow and hot pink, his favourite jacket is blue and orange, both in very bright hues. Yong Soo has a few "punk" jackets in bright colours, and several brightly coloured sashes. He writes in coloured pens, and even his iPod has a crazy cover on it that is obnoxiously bright. Why does Yong Soo wear such blinding colours? Simple, he likes to stand out, he likes to draw attention and he really just loves the colours. As you will soon lean, Yong Soo will do anything for attention, and besides... He looks good in whatever he wears and he knows it. So why not wear bright colours if he can get away with it?
  • Hacking - There is a secret, a really really deep secret he has never told anyone. Yong Soo is anonymous, one of many. He has hacked into a few government websites, mainly Chinese and North Korean. He doesn't look for info, but he looks for ways to disable. He has hacked into many different websites around the globe, and uses a multipoint system to hide his IP. He does this even at work, having duties to keep while keeping his secret life hidden.
  • Gaming - Be it PS Vita, 3DSi or online, Yong Soo's past time is that of a typical teenager. He has a PS3, a Wii, a X-Box 360, all the newest handheld game systems and even possesses a laptop that has been built to handle hard core gaming online with multiple players. Yong Soo is hooked on playing any game. He has several on his iPad, iPhone, iPod, and is always playing a game even in work. He has a room in his flat dedicated to just video games. On his desk, and out by the TV are his most popular games for the rest of his guests to play if they desire. In the game room, his PS3, Wii and X-Box 360 are all hooked up to a large flat screen, all three have a lot of downloaded content too. They are all open to his friends as long as they let him know. That is his only rule. Ask before playing. Usually, he'll happily play with whoever, whatever game too. He is highly competitive, and loves winning.
  • Pranks - The Korean loves a well thought out prank, and executing it perfectly is just as sweet. He will prank anyone and everyone, not holding back for even the closest of friends. He is very cleaver, and thinks outside the box when engineering his latest trick. His pranks, though, are never deadly, nor will they ever inflict sever injury. Yong Soo almost has a ruthless sense of prankster-dom, seeing everyone as a target at one point in time. And once you are targeted, your prank will be filmed and posted on YouTube. This is also where he gets ideas for pranks. But some of his pranks require help in execution, to which he will enlist aid from others. When this happens, expect laughs, especially if you are the one enlisted.
  • 'Breasts' - This is not exactly a like per-say. He likes breasts on girls, but he knows to respect them and not touch them. But on men, he gropes their 'breasts', not because he wants to cop a feel, nor because he wants to get off on it because it's his spot (a highly guarded secret place no one shall discover), but because the reactions of some people (Yao) are just so priceless that he continues to do it. Any male is an open target for groping, but depending on their reaction he will do it again. If the reaction is one of shock, disgust, screaming, etc. Yong Soo has a target for life, but if the reaction is passive or stoic, you are deemed "Not fun." and will probably never be groped again. So, in a nut shell, he gropes men's chests for pure amusement.
  • Swimming - This is a past time Yong Soo lives for. He has more swimsuits than he does pairs of shoes (Can't be seen in the same boardies twice, bro) and he has enough sun block on hand to cover a whole army sometimes... Sunlight causes his freckles to burn to the surface, and it's not that he's ashamed of them, but they are not common on Koreans so he tries not to draw attention to them. But he loves swimming, and will go for a dip whenever he can. Yong Soo has been called a fish, which a great way to describe him. He can hold his breath under water for a long time, he can swim fast, and he's hard to pull away from the water. Yong Soo's love of the water is absolute; it's his element, it's his passion, and he loves it.
  • Building Computers - Yong Soo loves to build computers. He acts like he can talk to them, pretending to know just what they need to live. In all reality, he can troubleshoot hardware with in moments, and, after a quick strip down to boxers, can rebuild a computer to better-than-before specks. Dearest future friends and lovers, if Yong Soo is building a computer, expect a "NO CLOTHES" zone. Meaning, you enter the room he is working in, he will demand you strip to undergarments, outside the room. And spark or static from clothing can and has fried computers, and he will make you pay for the damages.
  • Sweets - There is one thing Yong Soo cannot resist, and that thing is sweets. Lollies, Chocolates, delicious Ice Cream. Yong Soo will usually have some form of sugar on him, or already in him. His sweet tooth is massive, and the best way to appease, make friends, or even confess to Yong Soo would involve something big and sugary and delicious. Sugar is the main reason Yong Soo is such a Hyper butt.
  • Concocting Crazy Plans - If you need a crazy plan or scheme, Yong Soo is the man to talk to. They might be impossible, improbable or insane, but he comes up with ideas quick and they are almost always fun to fulfill. He comes up with the stupidest ideas sometimes, like how to stop the boss from yelling at you for being late, how to get out of work, how to get away with not doing paperwork, and his all time favourite... How to make Berwald smile, which has millions of variations. Note: very few of these have worked.
  • Trolling Online - If there is anything this Korean loves to do in his free time when trapped in doors, and no one is playing video games is turn off the lights, log online, go to a number of websites and troll. And he trolls hard. He will laugh at stupid people, he loves being fed by noobs. Pissing people off online where they loose control of their emotions just amuses Yong Soo, and he seeks out easy targets, like a hunter seeks out his pray. They are easy to spot. Like a Christian Chat Room, and ask about the contradictions in the bible, or a Republican chat and talk about "your boyfriend". Yong Soo's past time is a fun one, to say the least.
  • Photography - Yong Soo lacks any artist skill (Are stick figures art?), aside for an eye for photography. The boy's medium is his iPhone, and this fool even has lenses for it. Yeah. Lenses for his iPhone 4s camera. He uses his phone daily to take very cute and artistic images, which upload instantly to Instagrams. It's not something he shares with many people, but he is easy to find on the website. They also post to his Tumblr.
  • Fashion - This Korean is a fashion statement walking, having to have to have the top of Korean Men's fashion on his hide ever moment he is out and about. Even his undergarments are high fashion, and he refuses to wear anything less. When off from work if out of the shitty tux, and into the sexiest clean thing he owns. Yong Soo loves bandannas or scarves, nice jackets with Graphic-ts and high end loose fit jeans. He has a few pairs of boots and skater shoes to chose from. He sports gold and silver jewellery and a sometimes even a hat.
  • Cosplay - Yong Soo himself doesn't cosplay, but he does like to make others cosplay for photo shoots. If you kinda, remotely look like a character in a game or anime, he will take your measurements, make you an outfit, get you a wig and force you to dress up and pose for your own personal photo shoot. The Korean actually makes amazing cosplay outfits, that are almost on par with professional cosplayers.
  • Claiming Everything - When you hear "_____ was made in Korea", Yong Soo is not saying that because he believes it. He knows, actually, for a fact that it wasn't. When he claims something, he's doing it for the reaction. Remember, Yong Soo is a Troll, and does what he does for reactions only. And he's learnt that claiming the main topic of a conversation he's not a part in as Korean not only interjects him in where he wants to be, but it also gets reactions. He can learn a lot about people from the reactions, too. Gullible people will say something like "Really?" and that means they are easy to manipulate and innocent. If someone says nothing that means they are unsure if he is right or wrong, but doubts him and THAT means they could possibly become bro's. If someone agrees could be one of two things, They are Bro material and fellow trolls, or fucking stupid. But if someone disagrees, they are a target for future trolling. This mind of Yong Soo, ladies and gentleman.
  • Making Everyone Uncomfortable - AS STATED SO MANY TIMES ABOVE!! Yong Soo is a troll, and loves to make others uncomfortable for his amusement. He will do insane things to get the reactions he desires, and if that means he has to suffer somehow, the reactions are usually worth it. He's used to being hit, being called names, and having revenge inflicted upon him. All worth it. It's part of being a troll. He just smiles and shrugs it off.

  • Uniformity - Having the same outfit as someone else when unplanned is a catastrophic event for Yong Soo, he lives to stand out and be an individual. Having to wear the same outfit as others drives the Korean mad, he feels like a robot, or like the system is trying to drain him of his individuality and make him into a "functioning member of society". Yong Soo knows, for him, being a functioning member of any society is impossible, like trying to drill for hydrogen on the sun. A disaster waiting to happen.
  • War - South Korea is a land of war, there is an ever present threat of their northern brothers deciding to attack. If this were to happen, Yong Soo knows Seoul, his home, would be the first target. He knows the new dictator has threatened to 'flatten' Seoul, he also knows the tensions between his country and the Northern half of his country are mounting again. He is afraid if war does break out, his family and friends will directly effected. If something does happen, pride and tradition dictates that he must join the army. And, sadly, Yong Soo would do this within a heartbeat. He doesn't want to kill anyone, but if it was to defend his country from the dictatorship of a mad man, he would proudly spill his blood for his people.
  • Cleaning - There is no ends to how messy Yong Soo is. he once had a Pizza Box tower as tall as he is, and Yong Soo is about 5'10"1/2. He hates taking out the rubbish, he doesn't like to do laundry and he only takes a shower because he's worried if he smells bad no one will want to hang out with him... So, he does do laundry when he's out of clothes to wear and he does bathe late at night, but he hates cleaning and will pay others to do it for him.
  • Bland Foods - being from a land that loves flavourful foods, Yong Soo has a taste for the delicious and spicy. When he cooks, there is always something beyond expected, be it a strong flavour, a hot spice, or a sweetness that oddly fits. When given something bland without the means to add flavour, he will refuse to eat it. Food with no flavour is like sand without the ocean, pointless and really stupid.
  • Cheaters - "Nothing sucks more than when some bastard breaks the rules to win, and that bastard should be strung up by twine in a tree and beat by little children with long sticks. It should be rule that can never be broken, and then there would be a few less bastards in the world. I mean, can you imagine? A pack of little brats coming at you with long bamboo sticks, you having no way to escape, ready to beat the crap out of you because you fucked up? Scary, bro. I would change my ways in a heart beat." [omg I love this muse.]
  • Paperwork - For Yong Soo, paperwork is the devil incarnate. He usually ends up making little dramas out of the issues instead of actually doing the work.
  • Little Kids - Seeing that he grew up basically alone, he has never had long exposure to children much younger than him. He is just awkward around children younger than 12, having no idea how to talk around them, how to deal with them, no idea what they even want from him. When little kids talk to him, he kind of treats them like they are alien or diseased. He can't help it. Lord help him if he ever becomes a father. And if there is more than one, he feels awkward even more and just kind of stares at them until they go away. And infants or babies are the worst. They are so helpless and fragile and he is afraid to hold them, like he could break them with a simple touch, or more over... He makes them cry. All of them. Any time he holds an infant, instant screaming fit. It's half a god send because he can pass the baby off to its mum, but it's also annoying. You'd think he'd be great with kids, but he's not.
  • Being Scared- Who likes being scared, seriously? I mean afterwards you laugh at yourself, but in the moment you are screaming for you life, tears in your eyes while your heart is trying to escape for dear life from your chest. Yeah, Yong Soo hates that feeling. He hates crying, he hates looking like a fool, and frankly, he hates scary things. Yong Soo is hard to scare, and very few things freak him out. Let's make a list of things that scare him (beyond his true fears), shall we?

  1. Roller Coaters - To get him to ride these bastards are a fight beyond fights. He will start to whine before they even get on, and he screams and curses in Korean the whole ride while tears stream down his face. Afterward, he'll want to do it again, acting like he was not a complete baby the whole time... until he's close to the front of the line. Again.
  2. Spiders and Snakes - Dear god, he hates things that could kill you. He has an aversion to visiting Australia because of this. If he sees a spider or a snake, he is finding the tallest person/structure and climbing up them/it as fast as he can. Yong Soo can be such a girl when it comes to things that scare him.
  3. Darkness - Yong Soo hates being alone in bed at night, and the darkness just closes in on him. He has a light by his bed, his excuse for it is just in case he has to pee at night, that way he won't trip, but in reality it's just a little comfort that fills the void of being alone.
  4. CreepyPasta things - Even though Yong Soo knows they are not real, fuck it all they are scary as can be. But, Yong Soo cannot seem to keep away from things like that. He'll read entries on the main website, and the Wiki, he'll watch youtube videos about ghosts, haunted CDs, on and on and on. He's just so interested, he cannot stop himself from reading and watching, even if they occasionally make him scream like a little girl.
  5. Death, or rather the unknown - This fear in natural, completely and totally natural. Yong Soo was scared to fly from Seoul. He had no idea what would exactly happen, he didn't know if the aeroplane would crash. He knows he can't die himself, but he sure as fuck doesn't want to see it around him.
  6. North Korea- This fear is more of a paranoia that war will once again break out for his country, and he'll have to fight again. The last Korean war was not a pretty one, and any future ones threaten to be just as bad, if not worse.

These things are more a paranoia or just things he would rather avoid. He doesn't actually count these as "major fears" per say, just things that creep him out. He has some real, legit fears. Yong Soo is still a positive little bastard in these moments, but it's all a mask.

  • Being Yelled at - Yong Soo can't take being shouted at for anything. Well, if it is funny, he laughs, but if he is being randomly yelled at, or screamed at for something serious, the Korean just stands there, blinking and taking it in. He doesn't yell back, he doesn't put up a fight, he just stands there and takes the verbal assault, basically shutting down until it is over, then usually just walks away from the situation without a word. The blow to his pride is usually massive, and he has a hard time coping with the pain. So instead of engaging, he walks away to save his sanity.
  • Sour or Moody People - To the Korea, these people are the least fun people to interact with. He finds them a headache, especially the moody ones. It's like trying to deal with a child, so he avoids and aborts. He thinks they are a pain in the arse, honestly. Sour ones he find whiny little bitches. He has no time to babysit people who hate the world around them, or cannot keep their moods in check. He does not want someone randomly going off on him for no reason, then seconds later have them happy and cute. No, that is annoying. He avoids these kinds of people like they have the plague.
  • Hot Weather - When it is hot outside, Yong Soo is a cranky SOB. He will usually be found in front of a fan, salt water ice cream, or some other iced treat in his mouth, in nothing but underpants and a undershirt. He is very sensitive to the temperature, and because of this, heat waves make him really upset. They disrupt his sleep, and when he has to go outside he gets mad. He normally won't let people touch him, and he does get kinda bitchy in heat waves. It's the one thing that really changes him.
  • Humourless People - The arch enemy to Yong Soo's inner comedian, when his jokes are not seen as funny, he creates a new goal. "Make this person laugh once if it kills me". And expect him to target/latch on to this person. Eventually he'll give up, but he's amazingly stubborn and it will all the time in the world to get done what needs to be done... which is make this person laugh. Over something. Anything.
  • Prudes - Prudes are usually excessively proper and modest in how they act and how they dress... hahah not Yong Soo. Prudish people and Yong Soo are like oil and water... that's on fire... with a lion swimming in it. He will probably be so put off by these people that he'll insult them. Prudes annoy him so much, so very very much. He would rather deal with children than a prude... But if the child is prudish... It's his nightmare.
  • Bad People - This is people who are bad in the sense of... people who are bad guys. He hates it when things are taken to far and others get hurt in the process. If Yong Soo encounters something like a robbery, or something equally bad, Yong Soo usually steps in and ends the travesty. He knows how to disarm someone armed with a knife, a gun, a sword; he can break bones with something as simple as a magazine. He has fought a someone with an umbrella before, and won. Yong Soo is amazingly brave, to the point of stupidity.
  • Killing - Yong Soo can not and will never strike a killing blow. It's against his nature to kill a human, no matter how bad they are. Justice is not snuffing out life's flame. He'll stop before the final blow strikes, and knock someone out instead. There is never a time when Yong Soo can bring himself to kill, even it it means stopping someone else from killing. The Korean, if ever forced to kill, or if he killed on accident, would probably lament over it for months. He's not a killer, He is someone who treasures life.
  • Being Proven Wrong - As a Prideful Korean teen, telling Yong Soo he is wrong will enlist a stubborn response. No matter what proof you have, he refuses to hear it. He will argue you on facts until blue in the face, or you are because he is trolling. It really depends on the situation and how he feels about something or someone. Frankly, he hates being proven wrong when it comes to physical, like his martial arts. He can break a cinder block with his bare hand, and if you tell him he can't, he'll go find a block to break.
  • Being Ignored - If you don't like being pestered, don't ignore Yong Soo. Simple as that. Yong Soo has to have attention to make his heart beat it seems. He has to have attention on him. He don't mind sharing the attention, as long as he gets some. But to be ignored makes Yong Soo sad and desperate, and he is likely to do many a stupid things to get the attention he desires from someone.
  • Boredom - Yong Soo despises being bored. At work (where it is very dull), Yong Soo will doodle, write poems or lyrics, Surf online, stare out the window and drool because he can feel his brain melting out his ears from the lack of stimulation. Yong Soo is a hands-on person. If he is in his flat and there is nothing to do, Yong Soo will probably bother his friends to come up with something fun to do, Watch TV upside down on the couch, play a violent video game, Troll online, dance. Yong Soo has the attention span of a gnat and the energy level of a preschooler on pure sugar and pixie stix-- when bored. Beware.
  • J-Pop - K-pop, in Yong Soo's mind, is the best musical genre to ever exist in the history of the world with sexy perfect women and handsome amazing men singing in the best language to ever grace the earth. J-pop is mimicking that sexy, and nothing can touch on the original because holy shit everyone loves Korea. Even Canada's hell spawn J-Bebe and America's crazy bitch Lady Gaga tries to mimic the untouchable awesome that is K-Pop, and fail horribly. But J-pop offends the most. It copies everything and makes it Kawaii and Sugureta and even Zekkō... Gnnnh... Stupid Japanese...
  • Long trips - If a trip takes more that 2 hours, it's to damn long for Korea. Have you ever heard a child whine "Are we there yet?" every few minutes? That's Yong Soo. On the flights across the world, thankfully, there is usually a plug to keep his handheld games charged and Yong Soo keeps himself entertained for most of the trip. But, once he gets tired of the games, Yong Soo is annoying the passengers around him and staff of the flight. He makes pillow forts, orders every cola and locks himself in the bathroom.

  • Is Hyper - This teen is the definition of hyper. He has more energy than a toddler that just ate pure sugar. He jumps on people, he climbs trees and walls, he's loud and can be obnoxious. Maybe in time he'll calm down much like a puppy does eventually, but for now Yong Soo is a ball of energy and annoyance. He's just a few energy points away on the hyper scale to be considered a human battery (jokes jokes).
  • Loves Solving Puzzles - You want to distract Yong Soo for hours? Set the Korean at the table and give him a brand new, 100,000 piece puzzle with a complex image. Yong Soo will spend hours if not days working on this, of course he's accept help, but only if they do it his way. He loves the trial and error, he loves the feeling of completing a section. And when it's done... He is so happy. Truly the best way to get the crazy Korean out of your hair for a few hours or days.
  • Computer Wiz - If you have a problem with your computer, Yong Soo is usually the best bloke to ask if you need help. He would use his powers to pin-point the issue, and then, being a builder of computers, if he doesn't have the part he can get one fairly quick. He even is willing to upgrade anyone's computer for a small fee.
  • Hwa Rang Do - (Seventh Degree Black Sash; Master of Hwa Rang Do) Yong Soo has been into this style of martial arts for as long as he can remeber. He is a Master of the style, and regularly trains himself. He's also an Instructor at a local school.
  • Loves SNSD - Yong Soo adores the nine ladies of Girl's Generation so much. He thinks of them as poster children for his nation, they are world famous, beautiful, smart, and have voices liken to angels.

Roleplay sample: There was a hush in the room, the only sound was the faint beat from small speakers possibly turned up way to loud to be placed over human ears. But, that was the least of the listener's worry as he tapped away at the keyboard before him, three computers screens showing a dusky terrain. There was a rapid tapping to the space key, followed by a curse from the mass that was Yong Soo from under a blanket. "Jiral!" The voice hissed, breaking the almost silence, as he pressed the space bar again hard. Around the mass of Korean was empty beer and soda cans, the age of each questionable. The carton of cigarettes on the floor next to Yong Soo was half empty, crushed, empty boxes discarded behind him and the single open box next to a large, very full ashtray.
It was almost a comical scene, if not for the pathetic nature of Yong Soo's living. The room around him was small, holding his bed in one corner, a large pile of clothes in the other, and the short desk at which the Korean teen was now huddled. A hand emerged from the large, fluffy blanket with Snoopy printed upon it, and grasp a can of beer. The poor can was dragged into the mass, it continents poured into an open mouth, just to get choked on, "Ssibsaekki!"
On the screen before the half drunk teen, a small mage-looking character lay dead. The blanket fell from the teen's head, hands grasping fistfuls of ebony hair, screaming in agony at the death of his character at the hands of a younger player, who was cackling in Yong Soo's ears. "You BRAT!!!" He cried out in anguish, ripping the headset from his ears. The light flicked on instantly, Yong Soo wincing away at the sudden change of ambience. Looking toward the door, the teen jerked visibly at the sight of a highly annoyed Chinese man. He didn't understand the Mandrin that flowed harshly from his big brother's mouth, but he just sat there, blinking until his eyes adjusted to the light, just to duck a flying sandal aimed at his head. Popping back up, Yong Soo smiled at Yao, "You're face is red, Hyeong~! It matches your outfit!" And now he was dodging another sandal, done so with ease. Yao was not even trying it seemed. Moving to a stand, the Korean waved both hands at the man, "Out of ammo, Hyeong~?"
When Yao thrust himself forward, Yong Soo was ready. It was the usual left dodge, right duck, and then his attack. Two palms, right to the man's chest, squeezing the man's 'breasts' with an added audio from his lips. "Honk Honk." It always made Yao so mad and flustered, he was given reprieve from being thrashed with a wok/ladle/open palm. Grinning to himself as his plan worked once again, the Korean sat himself back before his computer and grinned, resuming his game. There was a seven year old punk somewhere in cyberspace that needed an asskicking.

Anything Else?: OPPA GANGNAM STYLE -Breaks into dance-
Kidding. HI, I'm Meagan. You can call me whatever.
I like the colours purple and blue and green in jewel tones. ((Oops, I forgot to do this, sorry!))

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Kiku Honda

Kiku Honda

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Im Yong Soo (ROK) (Sorry it's so long) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Im Yong Soo (ROK) (Sorry it's so long)   Im Yong Soo (ROK) (Sorry it's so long) I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 16, 2012 4:41 am

((No worries! You've added it now! ^_^))

And no worries about the length (though IC Kiku raises the question as to how in the WORLD you were able to keep your attention span on this long enough to work on it~) because the person reading these apps tends to write novelish sized posts (according to others >.>) so I don't personally mind long applications~!

Well, what CAN I say? There are far more things I can't say...which basically just leaves me with the natural YOU'RE ACCEPTED, CONGRATULATIONS~!

Ahem, and also, now that you're one of the crazies here, go right on ahead and post an introduction for you, the RPer, in the Introduction board.

((Our Yao is going to be the target of many a scenario like the above XD))

(Incidentally, your entire app had me smiling like a nutcase, so I think you've done your job ^_^ Either I'm very easily amused OOC, or perhaps my inner Korean is going "OH HELL YES ACCEPT THIS PERSON NOW!" XD)
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PostSubject: Re: Im Yong Soo (ROK) (Sorry it's so long)   Im Yong Soo (ROK) (Sorry it's so long) I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 16, 2012 4:48 am

It slightly worries me that this was you 666th post but


Okay, I'm off to Introduce myself.

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Kiku Honda

Kiku Honda

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Im Yong Soo (ROK) (Sorry it's so long) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Im Yong Soo (ROK) (Sorry it's so long)   Im Yong Soo (ROK) (Sorry it's so long) I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 16, 2012 4:49 am

Apparently, my post count had some historical slighting behind it *kicks post* BAD POST COUNT! ><

I meant nothing by it, I swear! D:

Ah, but I cannot wait to see your introduction~!
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Im Yong Soo (ROK) (Sorry it's so long) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Im Yong Soo (ROK) (Sorry it's so long)   Im Yong Soo (ROK) (Sorry it's so long) I_icon_minitime

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Im Yong Soo (ROK) (Sorry it's so long)
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