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 Im Yong Soo

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Im Yong Soo

Im Yong Soo

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Character Name
Im Yong Soo


Blood & Family
Pure-blood, the only child of a Metamophmagus mother and a pure-blood father. Yong Soo's family is considered that of a great power in the Korean Magical Community. Yong Soo's maternal grandfather is the current Korean Minister of Magic, his daughter acting as a liaison between the two communities, like a diplomat. On his Paternal side, his grandparents and Aunt are amazingly well known within the Korean Magical Community for being a powerful family. Yong Soo is considered a prodigy in Korea.

6th year Slytherin

A prissy black cat named Chobab that likes to wander around the commons room and has a taste for milk. Her eyes are a brilliant shade of green, and Yong Soo named her Chobab because the cat stole the fatty tuna chobab from his plate as a kitten. He can always be seen with his cat, either on his shoulder looking at the world around her, or at his feet, or in his lap. He loves his cat.

List of Classes
Defence Against the Dark Arts
Muggle Studies
History of Magic
Study of ancient runes
Ghoul Studies
Earth Magic

Yong Soo doesn't really know what to call himself. He likes people beyond their looks and gender, and likes someone for their personality and their values. Yong Soo, I suppose, is pansexual and is a flexible lover.

The young Korean is painfully optimistic, thinking rainbows and sunshine shoot out of the arse of the earth. He thinks every single one of his plans will work beyond natural expectation, and usually they don’t. Even if the world had a 100% chance of being hit by a meteor that would destroy human civilization and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it, Yong Soo would point out that the light show would be beautiful. It can be annoying at times how optimistic Yong Soo is.

Yong Soo does not know how to give up a fight, ever. Even if all the cards are against him, he will continue to fight. He’s amazingly persistent, and he will continue the attack until victory is achieved, that or he is told by more than one person to stop. He also does not give up on people, dares or doing something he has planned. Yong Soo’s major fault is that he tries to hard and this can be a bad thing some times. Usually. Just don’t tell Yong Soo that.

As hyper and insane as this kid is, he is very keen on the people around him. He probably knows more about you than you even know. He’s perceptive of the world around him, he knows peoples faults and how to exploit them after a short interaction, he can figure what makes someone happy within a short time. He picks up non-verbal cues, and reads into everything you do to understand and pick you apart. And he does this with a few moments after meeting someone.

Yong Soo loves having the limelight, being the centre of attention and having everyone watch him; and because of this he will interject himself into conversation, he will do crazy stupid stunts for attention and he’ll work his way into the popular crowd to be noticed. He lives off attention, feeds off it and seeks it out in both positive and negative lights. This is not exactly a positive thing, but he still does it anyway.

There is brave people in the world, and there are those who are either stupid or brave. Yong Soo is the latter. He’ll run head first into anything, with no concern for himself, and risk life and limb to make sure that others are safe and well. He’ll protect the helpless even if he is so injured he should not fight. He’s stupid about this, as well, not stopping for anyone or anything until everyone is safe and well. Some call this a negative thing, but Yong Soo doesn’t at all. He would rather be the one injured than anyone else, he knows that he can handle pain better than anyone else. This fact of himself almost placed the Korean in Gryffindor.

If there is one thing Yong Soo loves, it’s a prank, and a well planned out prank at that. He’ll pull them on his friends or on people he’s just met. No one is safe from Yong Soo’s pranks, no matter who you are. You are a target, and one day you will be pranked. It might be a big thing, or something small. You never know. Yong Soo considers himself the prank master, but he gets a lot of his ideas when he's bored.

One thing Yong Soo struggles with is the fact that being Slytherin has such a dark reputation. He is not a bad person, but is fundamentally good. However, he has, as of recent, started to dabble in the dark arts because of peer pressure. He was talked into joining a club, and followed happily, unaware of what he was getting himself into. Over time, the others started talk of unspeakable things, but only in utter secrecy within the room of requirement. This club, to Yong Soo's shock, was not a club at all, but an order. The darkly burnt walls and what the other students do in this room worry, and even scare Yong Soo, but he is stuck where he is. He fears if he quits this secret club, he will be killed. But what the small group is planning, Yong Soo finds unthinkable.

As rare as it is in the current world, Yong Soo is considered a pure blood. Born in the magical underworld of Seoul, Korea, to two Pure-blooded Korean elite, the young man was raised in Korea for the first ten years of his life, knowing he was a prodigy and being moulded to be the perfect wizard before his family moved to the English magical world. He is thought to be the future Korean Minister of Magic, but he wants nothing to do with that. Upon moving to England, Yong Found what he desired to be. A Quidditch player.

Before his eleventh birthday, he received a Hogwarts acceptance letter, much to the elation to Yong Soo's family. Once at the school, under the sorting hat, there was a bit of confusion when the hat, instead of announcing a house, announced that Yong Soo did not know English. Eventually, the hat worked out that Yong Soo would be perfect in Slytherin. Yong Soo was not at all fluent in English, only knowing a few words, but he still went to the school. He took a special class to learn how to read, write and speak English. By the end of the year, the young Korean was more fluent in English than the rest of his family. However, the lack of English skills severely limited the teen's learning ability. However, Yong Soo picked up Charms quickly, even with limited English skills.

The next year, Yong Soo was a better student, meaning he was still behind on his studies, but was doing well enough to be aloud to play the game of Quidditch, joining the team in this year for the first time. Yong Soo's first position was as a beater, and he was very good at the game, a natural. Yong Soo second year at Hogwarts was better than his first, in his mind, especially when his team came in second in the house cup. Most in the Slytherin house were upset by this, but Yong Soo was happy still, thinking second was better than last.

In Yong Soo's third year at Hogwarts was uneventful, other than making new friends. He has never been a typical Slytherin, making friends with anyone in any house and with any blood type. He's no longer surprised when people don't know who he is, something he was used to in Korea, and in fact, has come to enjoy his anonymity. He feels freed from expectation and can enjoy his childhood. He finds Hogwarts, at this point, a personal liberation, and has thrown himself into charms classes and has found himself excelling in Quidditch.

Yong Soo's fourth year was one spent studying hard and preparing for his O.W.L.s, along with taking over as the Slytherin Keeper. This year is mostly uneventful for the Korean, just a typical year spent full of study and fun. Over the summer between his fourth and fifth year, Yong Soo returned to Korea to attend a wedding. Returning to the life of expectation really opened the Korean's eyes to what he really wanted in life, and even if it was a dishonour to go against what was expected of him, Yong Soo, for the first time, stood up for himself and told his family he did not wish to seek the position of Korean Minister of Magic, but he wished to be on the English Quidditch team.

A stark rift having formed between Yong Soo's family and himself, the fifth year at Hogwarts was a wonderful reprieve from the stress. He was promoted to captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team in this year, a role Yong Soo takes with a great amount of professionalism and pride. Yong Soo passed his O.W.L.s with Outstanding on all accounts, which shocked a few of his teachers. The happy-go-lucky teen, however, seemed more withdrawn, more so than in the past years, especially as the school year drew to a close. The idea of returning home, even if he has done amazing well, is frightful for Yong Soo. Once home for the summer, Yong Soo's fears were met. He was shunned by his father, and even though his mother was kind, she was clearly disappointed in her son's choices.

On the train toward Hogwarts in the beginning of his sixth year, Yong Soo was approached by a few Slytherin, with the idea of forming a club. They just needed more than three members. They knew Yong Soo passed all his O.W.L.s, even beating several Ravenclaws in their grades. Upon passing so well, Yong Soo had acquired quite a bit of popularity; handsome, smart, Quidditch captain? What was not to like about the teen. After hearing more about the club, the opportunity to further his skills as a wizard by learning the dark arts was very appealing to the teen, and he jumped at the idea, knowing just who to recruit also. After several meetings, Yong Soo realised he was in over his head, but was intrigued by the small clubs ideas. This is where we are now, Yong Soo having pledged himself to the club as loyal for life.

Anything Else
Acacia with phoenix feather core, thirteen inched, brittle.
a leopard.
This is a curious part of the young Korean mage, and it is unknown if Yong Soo himself is making his single curl form a face, or if it is just some charm that has been placed on the young man. It does not talk, only making facial expression. His curl has been known to eat, and it does not always mirror his owner's emotions. Yong Soo doesn't tell anyone anything about the history or purpose of the curl face, but leaves people to figure it out themselves.
The newest model of Firebolt. (Firebolt 5s? Firebolt 1500?) He has tied a silver and green ribbon around the end of his Firebolt 1500/5s, and when in the air at a game, he wears the ribbons around his left bicep, calling it his good luck charm. It has been tested for hexs and charms several times, but it's just a plain ribbon.
Keeper & Team Captain.

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Another awesome Slytherin! Guess what? That means the lucky you gets to be my room mate ! Hahahaha~
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Im Yong Soo

Im Yong Soo

Posts : 15
Join date : 2012-09-15
Age : 23
Location : In Seoul, Gangnam stylin' it up BRO!

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kdjfsldjfa Yes, okay. This is good.
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Im Yong Soo
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