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 Ludwig Beilschmidt Application

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PostSubject: Ludwig Beilschmidt Application   Tue May 17, 2011 2:34 pm

Human name: Ludwig Beilschmidt

Country's name: Bundesrepublik Deutschland --Federal Republic of Germany

Personality section: At first glance, Germany seems to take everything far too seriously, himself included. He works long hours, seldom giving anything less than one-hundred-percent focus to the job at hand, and dislikes needless interruptions. His life almost appears to follow some invisible and very rigid schedule, one that Germany sticks to at all costs. The same can be said for rules: he dislikes breaking them, even if they are seemingly arbitrary. While the strictness with which he lives his life would not normally be any problem, Germany is a bit of a perfectionist (some might even say "control freak") and problems arise when he attempts to force this lifestyle onto other people. While his acquaintances might find this annoying, Germany sincerely believes that it is for the best. However, as he can't hold others to the standards to which he holds himself, Germany often finds himself picking up the slack, taking on jobs and responsibilities he didn't originally have and managing everything. While he has a talent for this, and is quite the responsible and organized person, there's no denying that it makes him stressed.

Because Germany spends so much time focusing on his duties, and because during this time he is so often serious, unsmiling, and quick to snap, most might think that he behaves this way anywhere. Truthfully, that isn't correct at all: while Germany does keep his focus and organization outside of work, he's much more relaxed. He enjoys reading books or playing with his dogs in his free time; he exercises every morning (for both health and fun) and won't turn down an invitation to a party if he can spare the time. Rumor has it that he is a bit of a neat freak, and this is true to a degree: Germany likes keeping his house tidy and finds cleaning relaxing at times, but dislikes having to constantly clean up after other people. While Germany's circle of good friends is a bit small, he also relishes spending time with them: although he might come off as a bit solitary, the truth is he is just very self-sufficient, and dislikes being alone for too long a period of time.

Even his closest friends cannot claim to have seen Germany smile too often. It isn't that Germany isn't an emotional person: he is, very much so, but he keeps his expressions on a tight leash. The exception to this seems to be anger but in fact Germany will raise his voice in a variety of situations: he could be embarrassed, nervous, worried, surprised - besides actually being mad. His temper, in this way, is almost like a defense mechanism, although he does blush rather easily, which sometimes undermines this. Only around people that he trusts absolutely will Germany let the last of his barriers down; his trust can be difficult to win, as he has been crossed (and has crossed people himself) many times during his short history. But once he considers someone a real friend, Germany's loyalty is absolute; indeed, his friends receive a greater measure of patience than those he knows less well.

For all of the seriousness and dedication to work and strictness and non-smiling that makes up Germany, the fact that he is a young country often gets passed over. There is a lot he doesn't quite understand, and his methods for dealing with this (reading books on the subject, usually) are less than perfect. And while his ambition has been much reined-in after the vicious wars of his past, there is no denying that Germany definitely is out to prove something. He keeps his fears and weaknesses well-hidden, and always develops multiple methods for solving a problem as if he expects failure. He is most definitely realistic and down-to-earth, and while this makes him a bit of a pessimist, it's easy for him to keep his head and think logically in a bad situation. While he is stubborn and hates to accept failure, it's hard to keep him down; Germany has been through bad times before, but despite his sometimes negative and strict attitude, he doesn't give up easily on anything.

Roleplay sample: (I hope AUs are okay!)

The day had dawned cool and clear, and as he usually did, Ludwig had woken with the sun to get an early start. After his jog around the neighborhood (that always tended to garner a few curious stares, despite the fact that he'd stopped to explain his reasons several times), he returned to his apartment to cook himself a quick breakfast and to get cleaned up. It was a fairly modest existence, and in some ways Ludwig felt a little grateful not to have many friends in the city; his apartment was far too tiny to invite guests over. But word of his business had been slowly spreading around the area, and if things stayed that way, he'd be able to afford a nicer place soon.

By the time Ludwig had cleaned up and started walking to work, the city had finally begun to really wake up: shopkeepers were opening the shutters of their stores, businessmen toting briefcases hurried past him, and above, the first airships had started to cross the sky. It felt good to be part of something busy, and Ludwig opened his own business in a good mood. It proved to be a lucky break, as he'd been working nonstop since that point.

Currently, he was lying under the chassis of a steam-powered car, a fine piece of machinery that its owner had over-used and worn down exceptionally quickly. Ludwig honestly couldn't blame the man - if he'd owned something that nice, he'd probably drive it everywhere too, but it wasn't entirely pleasant to have chunks of dirt and rock falling all over him as he took all of the components apart.

"Where exactly was he driving this thing," Ludwig muttered quietly to himself, wiping some sweat from his forehead and setting yet another filthy conduit aside to be cleaned and fixed up. At the very least, Ludwig reassured himself, this job would mean more business; anyone who could afford such a nice car obviously had connections. So of course, he wanted to do the best and most thorough job that he could - as if he didn't already work that way, but this time, he'd take extra care just to make sure. The clanking and noises from under the machine kept Ludwig from hearing the bell attached to the customer door of his shop ringing, and he didn't realize anyone had actually arrived until the guest spoke.

"Guten tag! I'm looking for Ludwig!"

"Ahh- just a moment!" Ludwig called back, extricating himself from under the car and dusting his clothes off, before heading towards the front of the shop to greet the man. "What can I--" Despite the years that had passed, it took Ludwig no time at all to recognize who had arrived: those red eyes were unmistakable, even now.

Anything else?: Red, I love red! Also I finally got the site to work, I feel so proud to have defeated Firefox. Um... I spell the German brothers' last name as the "B" version, but that's not really anything serious. I'm open to pretty much any pairings. And I'll be in a weird time zone until around the end of July, so bear with me please, if I get accepted! I can fix things in this app if need be, of course.

MSN account:
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PostSubject: Re: Ludwig Beilschmidt Application   Tue May 17, 2011 2:49 pm

Yo. I'm liking the sample~! It would be awesome to have a West around again. Hope your application goes through. Defiantly a yes for my vote though~
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PostSubject: Re: Ludwig Beilschmidt Application   Wed May 18, 2011 6:23 am

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PostSubject: Re: Ludwig Beilschmidt Application   Wed May 18, 2011 7:03 am

Well looks like I have a Bruder~! Niyo Niyo~ -brofists- Hope to Rp with you soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Ludwig Beilschmidt Application   Wed May 18, 2011 4:29 pm

*bows* Welcome to the forum, Doitsu-san! <3
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PostSubject: Re: Ludwig Beilschmidt Application   Wed May 18, 2011 7:49 pm

Like, welcome to the forum. I guess. Whatever.

((Very Happy Welcoooome~!))
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PostSubject: Re: Ludwig Beilschmidt Application   

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Ludwig Beilschmidt Application
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