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 Canine Ludwig~

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PostSubject: Canine Ludwig~   Sat Feb 05, 2011 7:31 pm

Character Name: Ludwig Beilschmidt

Age: Looks 18, but he’s lost count of his actual age.


Luddy is muscular and handsome, blonde hair, blue eyes. When hes in wolf form, looks a bit like a huge german sheppard....


Sexuality: Gay

Personality: Ludwi
g is very reserved and strict, and is very good at keeping people inline. However, due to his past Ludwig is a little socially awkward, and prefers to be alone rather than socialising (unless beer is involved) He has never really had a relationship, but knows his sexuality due to a stream of random flings.

Background: Ludwig’s cherished older brother became a vampire when bitten when Ludwig was 17, so he wanted to be with his brother who he had depended on his whole life. Gil promised that when Ludwig turned 18 he would change him, and he could join the vampire clan. However, while out one dark night, on his 18th birthday, Ludwig was bitten by a werewolf. Knowing that he would soon become a werewolf as well, Ludwig ran away, knowing that if he ever went home he’d be a disappointment to his older brother, Thinking he’d rather he were dead than a mutt…
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Canine Ludwig~
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