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 Gilbert Beilschmidt

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PostSubject: Gilbert Beilschmidt   Gilbert Beilschmidt I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 11, 2012 3:20 pm

Character Name:Gilbert Beilschmidt

Gender: Male


Year: 7th

Birthday: January 18th

Birthplace: Berlin, Germany.

Professor or Student: Student


Gilbert Beilschmidt Profile

Hair: Gilbert keeps his silver hair short and has bangs that he sweeps off to one side.

Eyes: His eyes are scarlet.

Body: Gilbert is tall with a athletic built suited for fast moving sport and dueling.

Height: 177cm tall. He wished he was taller sometimes as taller people seem to get more respect.

Weight: 70kgs (154lbs)

Fashion: Gilbert likes to wear what looks good and feels comfortable, but always makes sure to be clean and presentable in the coolest way possible. He always wears an Iron Cross somewhere on his person. He prefers to wear his Durmstrang uniform under his robe in cold weather (when he can get away with it) besides that nerdy sweater tie combo you weird Brits have going here.

Blood: Pure blood, and comes from a long line of pure bloods on both sides of his family.


Sexuality:Bi-curious. He finds himself attracted to both genders at times, but has done little to nothing with either, so he isn’t sure. If you asked him, though, he would say he was straight.


Gilbert is loud, brash and loves to make you feel uncomfortable for his own amusement. He can be quite the show off but don’t worry; if he is like this around you it means he likes you or wishes to gain your acknowledgment. If Gilbert does not like you, however, he is very vocal about it and will openly express his disdain for you. You can tell he is being serious by the lack of the ever-present smile or grin on his face.

When you first encounter Gilbert; be it the first time or the thousandth time; he likes to make an entrance, talk himself up, or generally make sure you are thinking of him in a positive manner. If you take the time to know him better you will learn that he is not as stupid as he may appear. He may be loud but he is a great strategist and a determined, loyal friend.

Gilbert talks to himself a lot, usually to put himself out of a bad mood or work up his confidence. Although he has a big ego he finds a need to constantly defend himself if he is insulted. Insults will not just bounce off him like water off a ducks back and he takes everything to heart. Gilbert does feel lonely at times, but he is too stubborn and proud to admit something like that. Gilbert can get carried away at times and he might act like an asshole, but he is not a heartless monster with no remorse. He will, however, hold a grudge for a long time.


*Dueling - Gilbert is a natural when it comes to competitive dueling. His aggressive yet strategic use of magic is hard to best, making him good at jinxes, curses and charms.

*Strategy and cunning- Although his rough attitude can somewhat mask it at times, Gilbert is amazing at strategical planning, as long as he does not find the task boring. His strategic side usually shows when on the Quiddich pitch, dueling or planning practical jokes. Gilbert may seem like an idiot at times but he is actually quite cunning with the attitude of a diligent soldier.

*Quiddich- Gilbert is an avid sports fanatic. His eyesight is poor for reading but his long distance eyesight is rather good and plays as a seeker. He will happily play any position although is often too restless to play keeper, his determination, stamina and speed make him a great chaser or Seeker.

*Care of magical creatures- Gilbert has more fear of humans than he does of any dangerous or magical creature, going so far as to call many deadly, monstrous creatures cute. He has an avid interest in learning about these amazing creatures.

*Leadership qualities- When Gilbert finds himself in charge of people or a situation he really shines. He may seem tough when it comes to his methods but they usually always lead to success.


*His ego- Although being confident and competitive can be good at times, his ego makes him a very proud and arrogant individual and he takes criticism poorly. He is also rather proud of his pureblood heritage.

*Bad manners- Gilbert can be blunt, loud and very to the point when it comes to both insults and regular socializing. He will often disregard the feelings of others and will put himself before the average person.

*Easily distracted and restless- If Gilbert becomes bored with something it is rather hard to get him motivated to continue; if he sees something more interesting he will move on, even if the task he was doing was important. If something is important enough to someone he cares about (usually only family), he can put his boredom aside and get things done.

*Theory work- Although excelling in practical work, Gilbert has to study very hard to remember theory work. He learns best by doing and watching and just can’t take in knowledge from long winded study; his homework always suffers because of this. This makes him terrible at Magical history, runes or anything with lack of a majority practical.

*Socially awkward- Gilbert is terrible when it comes to talking about love or any form of the topic. Although he is often saying he wants praise, whenever he receives it he loses his cool attitude quite quickly. When he was given the ‘talk’ he was just told to stay away from girls until he was twenty one as they would distract him from school and work.

*Disregard towards authority- If someone in a place of authority does not have Gilbert's respect he has trouble working or obeying their orders. However, when he does gain a mutual respect for a person he is very loyal towards them.


*Fighting and competing- Gilbert loves anything which tests his skills from Quiddich to dueling.

*Food- He loves good food and can respect a good cook. He is particularly fond of ice cream, chocolates and sweet stuff in general, but he will always love a good hearty dinner.

*Sleeping- He doesn’t find much time to get a good sleep so when he can he highly enjoys it.

*Alcohol- While butter beer is nice to drink when it is cold, nothing beats something alcoholic like a good shot of fire whisky or a glass of beer. Coffee is his favourite non-alcoholic drink

*Sports- He is a big fan of quiddich, but he also likes playing the old German game Stichstock back in his homeland seeing as how the game never took off anywhere else. He is also fond of muggle soccer after he learned the game by stumbling across some muggle children playing it.

*Animals- Gilbert loves animals, and he has a fondness for things with wings. If a creature has wings, Gilbert thinks it is amazing; dragons, thestrals and hippogiffs are his favourites. Cuter creatures such as snidgets hold a soft spot in his heart but he will not openly admit such a thing.

*Pranks- Or what Gilbert likes to call his brand of helping. Gilbert loves to get the best of people, and what better way than to trick them? He considers it bonding time with his friends.


*Being patronized- One of Gilbert's biggest pet peeves is being looked down on or being treated in a condescending manner.

*Losing- No body likes to lose, but Gilbert can’t handle being second best.

*Russian men- After having to deal with a certain Russian family during his life, he has come to find even the accent irks him.

*Wearing his glasses- Gilbert actually requires reading glasses for long study periods, although he adopted wearing contacts a long time ago now. His poor eye sight is a result of his albinism and his need for contacts is a closely guarded secret, mainly due to the fact it would be admitting he has a weakness.

*Homework- Nothing is more boring than theory homework, he often finds himself distracted, procrastinating and doing something completely unrelated. Despite this he does get reasonably good grades, and worked hard to be able to study abroad at Hogwarts.

His biggest fear(His Boggart): Loneliness. Although Gilbert will often say he is happy to be alone he has a fear that people will abandon and forget about him completely. He is constantly striving to be seen and respected because of this fear. That fear also ties in with his father.. He has an irrational fear that his father will deem him unworthy or will die just like his grandfather did. He knows he needs to get over his fear of death to truly become strong and be able to use his wand to its full potential.


Gilbert was born into a prestigious family with a long lineage of pure-blooded and well known witches and wizards, and is part of one of the oldest wizarding families in Central Europe. The Beilschmidts, an old Prussian family, are well known for their magical prowess, advances in spell casting and dueling spells. There are many books written by his family members filled with spells, curses and jinxes. The Beilschmidt family, although having a reputation for great things, they also have their share of terrible things. There have been many records of members of their families reaching towards goals and magical breakthroughs, but also those who burnt out overreaching themselves. They also have a reputation of not acting too kindly toward muggles and half-bloods, although that is something that has become somewhat untrue for newer family members. The actions of Gil's great-great grandfather really did give the Beilschmidt family a bad name in the eyes of pro-muggle families.

Gilbert spent a lot of his young childhood in the company of his Great uncle Frederich. The man had a very independent and understanding nature that helped Gilbert to avoid a common family trait of being adamantly anti-muggle. Gilbert doesn't hate them, but he isn't jumping hurdles for their rights either. Although he has found a fondness for muggle sports such as soccer, Gilbert does think they are lesser then wizards, almost as though seeing them more as naive children and can be rather condescending towards them. He will say things like "Oh! That's alright work considering your muggle-born." or pat someone on the back and say "Its ok, you're muggle-born after all." and see absolutely nothing wrong in saying it.

Being from a prestigious family, Gilbert has very high expectations of himself and believes there is a bench mark standard that he should not only live up to, but surpass. His childhood heroes were his father and Great uncle. His Great uncle had taught Gilbert from a young age and he holds a great deal of respect for the old man. When he is facing some sort of dilemma he will often find himself asking for the old man to watch over him.

Gilbert spent his junior years studying at Durmstrang Institute and of course his teacher expected great things of him, though he found himself having to study very hard to keep up with theory work. The students at Durmstrang seemed to have two directions of thought when it came to Gilbert; either they respected him for his attitude and hard work (or because of his family), or they despised his boisterous and braggart behaviour.

Gilbert applied to the exchange program to Hogwarts to help him progress in his studies. No one else in his family had ever gone to Hogwarts before; it seemed like a rather awesome program to apply for, as well as a chance to learn foreign spells and see places he had never been to before.

Wand: Gilbert's wand is 14 ½ inches and made of Silver lime and is a highly attractive and unusual wand. It contains a Thestral tail hair core and is surprisingly swishy. When Gilbert's wand chose him, the wandmaker had shook his head with a sigh and said. ‘I was expecting a wand like this to go to a much older Wizard.. One as young as you should not have knowledge of such experiences… The Thestral tail hair is a powerful and tricky substance that can be mastered only by a witch or wizard capable of facing death.’
The silver lime used in the construction is also works best for Seers who are skilled at Legilimency although Gilbert has had little chance to test if he is any good at it.

Pet: Gilbert had an odd chance encounter with a Golden Snidget when he was younger and ever since then the little bird will not leave his side. ( Harry Potter verse version of Gilbird )

Special Ability/Race: There is a few jokes about him being some strange form of male Banshee, which are of course untrue.

The young wizard trekked his way into the Black Forest near his great uncle's home in Freiburg. He often found himself exploring the forest when he visited, finding the cool and quiet forest a great place to think and get things off his mind. Today he had a lot to think about; his great uncle had passed away not too long ago and he had not been coping very well. Now Gilbert was old enough to understand what death was, but he had never had someone he was so close to pass away, let alone while he was present.

Gilbert had been visiting his great uncle before the start of his first year at Durmstrang Institute. Soon he would be going wand shopping, getting his textbooks and setting off north to go to the Scandinavian wizarding school that he had been so excited about. But how could he be excited now? His great uncle had promised him that when he had started school, he would tutor him and teach him all the old family secrets and spells. But how could he do that without him?

The boy continued to walk until he came to the natural clearing. It was usually a good spot to rest as all the wild flowers were a favourite of the little bird companion than spent its time on Gilbert's silvery mop. He sighed and sat down in the clearing to eat his lunch, enjoying the sunlight. The little golden snidget bird which perched atop his head looking down at him, head tilted at the boy's unusually quiet behaviour.

He opened his bag to take out his lunch - a roast beef sandwich - and sighed , looking up at the little bird. “Ack... Don’t look at awesome me like that! I am perfectly fine! Amazingly awesome even! Nothing wrong at all...” He spoke to the little bird but was mostly reassuring himself.

“But he would want me to be strong after all, wouldn’t he?” He continued to talk to the small humming bird-like creature before turning his head, “Ah… Old man watch over me!” He nodded as a new resolve spread through his body. The little yellow bird chirped and flew around him as his perch was disrupted by the human standing up.

“He may be gone... But he wouldn’t want me to mope. What would he say if he saw me sadly dragging my feet around all day!?” He put his hands on his hips and chuckled, wiping the small tear from the corner of his eye with a smile.

Gilbert's laughter was quickly interrupted by a rustling sound behind him and the golden snidget quickly darted down the front of his shirt. Gilbert jumped slightly and froze. Did someone follow him out here? But the bird did not act this way around friends.He gulped and slowly turned his head, a sheepish look on his face hoping that it was just someone pulling a prank. But his eyes did not meet that of a joking friend. Or even a human. What he saw could only be described as some sort or skeletal winged horse.

The beast locked eyes with Gilbert, somewhat interested in the fact the Gilbert was staring back into its white dead-like eyes. Gilbert stood there frozen for what seemed like eternity, looking at the reptilian-like horse. What the hell was that thing!? The beast suddenly let out a whinnying cry and stomped one of its hooves, the beast not used to being stared at by humans. It took a curious few steps forward, stretching its leathery wings out as it had room to do so in the clearing.

Gilbert's face paled as the monster came closer. He wanted to run but his legs were glued to the ground. He moved his hands up in front of him in a defensive manner, his wide eyes unable to look away. The beast leaned its head down close to Gilbert, his heart racing as the beast breathed into Gilbert's face with a snort. He didn’t have a wand or any sort of weapon on him... He was too young to know magic regardless.

Suddenly the beast pressed its muzzle into the others hand, tugging out the roast beef that was in the long forgotten sandwich clutched in his terrified hands.

“Eh…?” Gilbert blinked as the creature ate his sandwich instead of biting his head off. He grinned shakily in a relieved fashion. After the creature had eaten the small piece of meat it gave the boy a sniff to check if he had any more before turning away and taking off with its large wings.

Gilbert watched the beast go with a speechless gawking look on his face. The little bird under his shirt gave out a small chirp which was enough for the boy to snap out of his shock.

“Was zur Hölle...!!?” He had no idea what that creature was, but he knew one thing, “That was so awesome! Ahahaha and you were so scared!” He grinned and poked the little bulge under his shirt that was peeping out at him. He checked around to make sure that the creature was nowhere to be seen before he decided that it was probably a good idea to head back to his family. As he walked away, he chuckled awkwardly, “I wonder if anyone will believe what just happened.”


Friends with: Francis and Kiku

Rivals with: Alfred

Frenemies with: Arthur
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Gilbert Beilschmidt
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