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 Elise Dubois

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Elise Dubois

Elise Dubois

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PostSubject: Elise Dubois   Elise Dubois I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 16, 2012 4:14 am

Elise Dubois Tumblr_m8mh3toU6G1rwbu69o1_500

Human name: Elise Dubois

Country's name: Kingdom of Belgium / Koninkrijk België / Royaume de Belgique / Königreich Belgien

Personality section:
By nature, Elise is a warm and open person, occasionally acting somewhat maternal towards the younger nations. Her sweet disposition makes her appear somewhat easy to walk over, however her warm smiles mask the ability to be sharp tongued. When pushed too far, she can quickly change from sweet woman to a headstrong one, able to dish back whatever she receives. One word that easily describes her is ‘sassy’, living by the word’s definition of being lively, full of spirit and cheeky. When in a work situation, she changes easily from fun to serious, although sometimes this results in her working too hard, occasionally accidentally missing a meal in the process.

Elise has an impeccable wardrobe, which she constantly updates to keep up with trends, although not necessarily spending large amounts of money to get the look. Her wardrobe is her pride and joy, consisting of a wide variety of clothing suitable for all different occasions. Another passion is shopping for knick-knacks, little things to decorate her house and garden with, as well as books and whatever catches her eye. Whenever she has a free day, Elise can be found wondering through the streets of one of the major cities, including when she is overseas on business, doing a bit of window shopping.

Food is Elise’s one true love, her favourite (quite obviously) being Belgian waffles and chocolate (anything Belgian, thank you very much). Taking her to a fine restaurant for a date would quickly gain you extra points in her eyes, showing good taste in food. Her longer-than-human lifespan has given her more time to improve her cooking skills, which she loves to use when guests come to visit.

Although rather modest about her ability, Elise is also quite a capable artist, although all of her artworks are tucked away out of sight. Her walls are covered with paintings by local artists, which she quite proudly shows off to any guests. Although modest about her own abilities, Elise is exceptionally proud of the accomplishments of her people and shows them off as often as possible.

Roleplay sample:
Although she was not sure why, there was something that put Elise on edge. An overwhelming anxiety caused her focus to diminish somewhat, but from what she could see there was no reason why that should be. Her nation’s neutrality had been guaranteed by the British, yet something felt so very wrong. With a sigh, she regarded her reflection in the mirror. Her eyes were tired, having been woken from her sleep by nightmares of invasion and war. Those were not images Elise ever wanted to see, especially not on the street right by her window. Lifting her brush, she lightly ran it through her short curls in an attempt to tame them. Europe now was teetering on breaking into a global war, and she was stuck between two of the greatest contenders; Germany and France. It was not a position she enjoyed having her country be in. Leaning forward, Elise ran her fingertip over the dark circles beneath her eyes. This fear was beginning to take its toll on her physically and mentally. In the last while, her work had become substandard, or at least in her opinion it had. There had been no moment she had been more grateful for than when her leader had declare neutrality, rather than joining one side or the other. But it was still rather uncomfortable to be living in a small country tucked between two larger ones, both determined to fight one another.

Her usual red hairband lay on the countertop where it was always placed, Elise reaching to touch the smooth satin of the ribbon. Perhaps she was just being silly, fearing something that had not yet happened. Sliding on the hairband, Elise admired her reflection before applying cosmetics, covering her dark ringed eyes, and painting her lips the same shade of red as her ribbon. Stepping back from the mirror, she admired her reflection, eyes lowering. It was just a nightmare. Her neighbours would fight it out and leave her alone. With that thought, she relaxed some, leaving her room. It was strange, though, the lack of sound from the street. Elise had become accustomed to the general hustle of city living, but this felt different. It just felt wrong. Heart rate quickening, Elise could hear something, something a distance away that was approaching her part of the city.

Suddenly, everything was noise. Incredibly loud and very close. So much noise. Scrambling for the door, the Belgian flung it open with force, staring out onto the street. It was everything she feared coming to life. A nightmare right before her eyes. Shutting the door just as quickly as she had opened it, Elise bolted upstairs. It was a moment like this Elise was grateful she was not completely unarmed. There was no way she could fend off the entire German army, but at least she was not completely hopeless. Letting out a sigh, she shut herself in her bedroom. Her army was nowhere near as large as that of the Germans, but maybe, just maybe, they could hold them off long enough for someone to help them.

Anything Else?:
Hello, my name's Meg~ That's about it really.
And my favourite colour is blue.

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Kiku Honda

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PostSubject: Re: Elise Dubois   Elise Dubois I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 16, 2012 4:47 am

Naturally, I accept your wonderful application! Welcome to the crazy--er, I mean to The Worlds Collide forum! I look forward to seeing you in the RPs!

Now that you're accepted, you can post an introduction for you, the RPer, in the Introduction boards~!

Welcome, and have tons of fun (and try not to go insane with our craziness!)
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Elise Dubois
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