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Elise Dubois

Elise Dubois

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Character Name: Elise Dubois

Age: 16

Elise Dubois Tumblr_m3tt7qKG1A1qlzoa5

Blood (Muggle-born, Pure-blood, Squib, Half-blood, you can also have veela blood or other such things):
Half magic blood, half Veela.


Elise’s familiar is a beautiful barn owl, white except for the top of her head and wings, which are a light shade of brown. Due to the long distances the bird travels, carrying messages and packages, Elise dubbed her Veerle.

List of Classes:
  • Potions
  • Herbology
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Transfiguration
  • History of Magic
  • Astronomy
  • Charms
  • Muggle Studies
  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Apparition

By nature, Elise is a warm and generous person, quite easily allowing anyone close to her. Her easy-going nature makes her an easy person to talk to, and become friends with. This does not mean, however, that she cannot be serious when necessary. Her studies and responsibilities will always come first, although sometimes she will become so immersed in what she is doing, that time will fly by without her even noticing. However, she is pleased to say that this hard work pays off; earning her relatively high grades which she feels are necessary so late in her education. During her free time, Elise can be found in the library, in her common room, or out on the grounds studying, and always welcomes anyone else to join her.

Because of the reputation of Veelas for being quite aggressive, brought from a previous Quidditch World Cup, Elise generally refers to herself as a half-blood. This is technically true, being half-magic and half-Veela. Because of her heritage, she was graced with quite lovely features, although modesty forbids her from accepting compliments. Do not confuse her modesty with shyness, as she is very outgoing. But flattery tends to naturally make her suspicious of the giver’s intent, knowing full well there is the possibility they would try to copy her homework or the like. Her studies are her first priority, and Elise is always willing to help another student, and hopes they would be willing to do the same in return.

During the holidays, Elise generally returns home. Sometimes, when access to the school library is required to complete homework, she will remain behind to complete it instead, although she does always try to be home for Christmas when she can. Family is the most important thing to Elise, so she will always try to write letters and send packages from Hogsmeade, her owl getting quite a lot of flying down over the course of a school term.

Elise Marie Dubois was born on the 19th of April to a wizard father and Veela mother. Like most Veela/wizard hybrids, she inherited her mother’s natural beauty common in Veelas. Unlike her mother however, she did not obtain the ability to use magic without a wand, a skill only full-blooded Veelas could use. However, having a wizard father meant she was not completely without magic. Raised in a very magical household in Brussels, Belgium, Elise did not have much contact with the Muggle world, which would later trigger her interest in Muggle Studies. Upon turning eleven, she received a letter accepting her into the French school, Beauxbaton’s Academy of Magic, one close to her home country. After attending the first two years at Beauxbaton’s, she later transferred to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry when her family moved from Belgium to the rainy country of England. Even now, Elise longs for Belgium, although she does not regret the transfer to Hogwarts, her warm nature making it easier to fit in.

For her early childhood, Elise had largely been home-schooled, or educated by other magical folk. This would build a sturdy foundation for later study at the magic schools, and also gave her a slight advantage when it came to the study of magic. However, like most under-aged magic folk, she had not been allowed to use her wand until her arrival at Beauxbatons, which put her on a level playing field in that regard to other students.
Unlike most students at Hogwarts, her wand was not made by the famous Ollivander in Diagon Alley, but rather the finest wandmaker in Belgium. Although she did not know it at the time, the wand that had chosen her contained the hair of her pure Veela grandmother, making it more of a treasured possession.

Anything Else (If you want to list your wand, your Patronus, or something else you wish for the RPers to know about your character):
Elise's Patronus is a lioness, which may be a salute to her Belgian heritage, the lion being Belgium's national animal.
The core of her wand is a Veela hair from her grandmother.
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Elise Dubois
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