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 Kiku's Friends and Foes

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Kiku Honda

Kiku Honda

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PostSubject: Kiku's Friends and Foes   Kiku's Friends and Foes I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 08, 2012 5:58 pm

Below is a list of Kiku's list of relations with people in this AU. If you don't see your name on the list but you have interacted with him, PM me or post here and I'll alter it. I will update this as plots progress.

If you'd like to request a RP with me for this AU, feel free to post and we'll work on something together. Once I have interacted with you or our interactions change, I will edit this post to reflect it.

(here is the legend I used. You can choose to organize your own differently)

NAME: (character's name you are writing about)
MET: (which RP, or where/when did you meet. If not fleshed out, or just random at the moment, put n/a)
FIRST IMPRESSION: (what did your character think of the other person when they first met)
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: (How are they currently interacting? How does your character feel about the other person)

NAME: Kiku Honda
FIRST IMPRESSION: Quirky 6th year...odd, strange...a little spacey even. It's hard to tell exactly what's going on in his mind.
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: He is very interested in Alfred~ He is fairly certain that Alfred likes him too.


NAME: Alfred F. Jones
MET: N/A (their first RP together is Taps and Bubbles, though they've met before that)
FIRST IMPRESSION: Alfred is very attractive; how does he get his one hair to stand up on end?
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: There are plans for them to become very close/date in the future

NAME: Arthur Kirkland
MET: n/a though Kiku probably met him in the beginning of the year (Welcoming All to Hogwarts)
FIRST IMPRESSION: He does have big brows...and he seems nice, though a bit grumpy.
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: So far, Kiku doesn't really know him.

NAME: Francis Bonnefoy
MET: Most likely in the Ravenclaw Common Room. They are at the same table in 'Welcoming All to Hogwarts'
FIRST IMPRESSION: His hair looks so smooth and silky! I must ask him what shampoo he uses!
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Francis is his House Prefect, but other than that Kiku doesn't have any real relations with him other than a few random interactions (this can change)

NAME: Gilbert Beilschmidt
MET: n/a, though more formally they get to know each other in 'Muggle Power Levels'
FIRST IMPRESSION: Did he just shout 'Go! Flying Nimbus'?
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: The two are bonding over manga. Kiku has promised to keep Gilbert's hobby a secret, though he is happy to provide manga for him and to share subtle in-jokes.

NAME: William Anderson
MET: n/a, though the first thread they are in together is 'Welcoming All to Hogwarts'. They interact in 'Exploring Hogsmeade', but it is likely Kiku knows him from before that.
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: He knows him from the Quidditch team, but more than that is currently unknown.
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Kiku's Friends and Foes
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