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 A Fashion Disaster [Private]

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A Fashion Disaster [Private] Empty
PostSubject: A Fashion Disaster [Private]   A Fashion Disaster [Private] I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 02, 2012 8:37 pm

Black and brown. More blacks. More blacks. Some greys. Again black and brown.

There appeared to be a shortage of leather clothing in New York that wasn't coloured either black, brown or some shade of grey. Suade didn't appear to fair much better, from what he had already garner when looking at the rack for clothes there.

All these dark colours Francis was stuck with wearing, he was honestly getting depressed with it. There was a much better selection of designs, patterns and colours in these materials at France. Unfortunately all those clothes being there didn't at all help him with his predicament of lacking variety of colours in his wardrobe here. Oh well, he really couldn't complain that much. There was still internet shopping, as much as he rather be there to actually look at the clothing to determine if they were worth their value and to try it on for the perfect fit.

At least he had found some clothing that he felt was good enough - a pair of pants and two shirts. With the sort of students at the institute, he found that he was losing a lot his clothing regularly. Just because his clothes were immune to his own abilities, it didn't mean that they were immune to everyone's abilities, sadly. And he didn't even want to get started on what goes on in the danger room. At least he could recover the money loss on extra clothing in his taxes.

There was nothing on this rack that he wanted or needed. While the material may be legit and it certainly was of good enough quality, he had hundreds of jackets these colours. They may have been colours that went with everything, but he still liked to show better colour coordination in his clothing every so often. Not to mention wearing such dreary colours can drain a person's happiness eventually. So he walked off, hoping to find some better suited clothing elsewhere in the store.
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A Fashion Disaster [Private]
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