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PostSubject: Gaining a New Member [Private]   Gaining a New Member [Private] I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 09, 2012 2:54 pm

Natallia had left her school early. She wandered around the streets, still confused as to what she would do now.

Hardly anyone was out at this hour. If it wasn't school, people also had work to do. However the school nurse had thought it was best that she went home, so here she was. It didn't completely matter to her that she was supposed to be waiting for her parents to come around to pick her up. She just wanted out of that place.

Though a part of her didn't want to go back home.

Her school was going under some renovations. Some workers had been standing on platform to fix something on the second floor of her school - she couldn't say what though because she really hadn't cared. One had knocked their tool box off the edge while she passed. It should have hit her. Smashed her skull in and leaving her comatose. Yet here she still was, unharmed. Somehow, going against all laws of gravity, that toolbox had bounced right off her and flew straight into the window besides the platform.

She was not the sort of person to be rattled easily, and even now she looked apathetic to it all, but it honestly freaked her out. Gravity did not work like that.

Of course it wasn't the first instance of weirdness around her. But then she'd never used this magic she believe she had to defy gravity before. People would bound to notice something was amiss.

'Who cares?' Reminding herself before she started to worry over the silly matter, she sped up her pace. She wasn't going to be here long anyway. After a very suspicious incident like that she knew well enough that sticking around here was only going to attract trouble for herself (and in her opinion she was already seeing enough trouble from a pesky "institute"). There was no way she would be taken away. Not again. If she had to go she at least wanted to go on her own terms.
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PostSubject: Re: Gaining a New Member [Private]   Gaining a New Member [Private] I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 12, 2012 5:05 pm

During the briefing of this assignment, the abilities of the girl were told it him. He instantly began to wonder why they had chosen him to do this. Sure he had done things like this before. But, if the X-men had already contacted the girl and she turned them down what made them think that he was capable of convincing the girl to come to this horrid place?
He would creep in the shadows just out of her site since the sun had come up that morning. Watching her, waiting for the perfect moment. At one point he ended up scaring a construction worker into dropping a wench or something right on top of her. He saw it as the shield they spoke of saved the girl from an other wise fatal hit. She didn’t even seem to be fazed by the fact that she almost could have died, instead allowing the adults rush her away into the nearest building. Maybe she had been in shock? Either way he kept a close eye on anyone who exited the building. Waiting again for the silver haired beauty to return to his vision.
By noon the sun was high enough that he couldn’t use the shadows to hide any longer without giving someone a heart attack. He decided it would be better not to draw that much attention to himself. But when he saw the girl come out of the building he hid again. His palms were sweating. Was he actually nervous? What a feeling to be having at a time like this. He tried to shrug it off as she began to what appeared to be wandering aimlessly through the streets. He moved himself to a street corner just ahead of her and waited just where he knew his presence would give her a little fright. He’ll try to play the nice guy for now.
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PostSubject: Re: Gaining a New Member [Private]   Gaining a New Member [Private] I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 29, 2012 5:22 pm

With all the thoughts going on through her mind, mainly thoughts of determination of not getting caught again, she had almost forgotten her surroundings. If anything had gone on around her, she definitely hadn't seen anything. There was a few faint sounds she did mildly notice but those were quickly brushed off. Anything that faint had to be at a distance and she didn't need to know about it if it was that far away.

It was almost a wonder she didn't walk straight into the man at the corner as she came by. Though she managed to notice him just one step before him and instantly stopped.

Other than the very hasty stop she didn't give any notably reactions. His presence was sudden, but even when she should be wondering how she hadn't hear any footsteps before and why he seemed to be waiting there, she still continued to focus on getting away. Getting away and forgetting that incident. Forgetting everything that happened today. That was important and that was all she would afford to think about.

She was about to keep going but only then she hesitated. What if the man before her was someone she should avoid? She spent a second, taking a quick look at the male. No uniform of any authority figure she should be wary of. Nor did he look to be too much older than herself. There also didn't appear to be anyone else travelling with this person she so quickly felt it safe to brush off his presence.

"Excuse me." Almost as quickly as it took for her to dismiss him as not a threat she was side stepping around him, planning on continuing her journey. Back to the pressing matters that were going on through her mind. Such as where on earth was she planning to go.
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PostSubject: Re: Gaining a New Member [Private]   Gaining a New Member [Private] I_icon_minitime

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