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 Lili the Hufflepuff

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Lili Zwingli


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PostSubject: Lili the Hufflepuff   Wed Aug 25, 2010 2:35 pm

Character Name: Lili Zwingli

Age: 14

Professor or Student: Student

Appearance: You know how Liech looks, blond hair, with big green eyes. A yellow ribbon in her hair. She has embroided a yellow badger on her dress/uniform/whatever it's called.

Blood: Muggle-born

House: Hufflepuff

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Sweet and innocent, with a big heart. Really loving towards the ones she loves, but can be a bit naive at times. However, she is still mature beyond her years.

Background: Born in a muggle home in Liechtenstein, Lili always had a gift with needle and thread. However, her magical gift showed first at seven, when she was, without knowing it, levitating a needle while she was sewing.

Sorry for the short backround, but as I said in my description, writer's block... ^^"
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Lili the Hufflepuff
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