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Lili Zwingli

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PostSubject: Lili Zwingli   Lili Zwingli I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 20, 2010 1:19 pm

Character Name: Lili Zwingli.

Age: 16

Appearance: Fair skin and sandy blond hair tied in a blue ribbon. Big green eyes and small lips. She wears a white coat to look more doctor-y over a pink and red striped dirndl dress and a light pink headdress like the ones you find on porclain dolls. Actually, she looks a little like a porclain doll on the whole too. She wears no makeup as she thinks it makes her look artificial.

Staff or Patient: Staff.

Sexuality: Straight.

Personality: Sweet, polite and hardworking, but also innocent and a little naive, so shouldn't be left alone with the more dangerous patients before she has learned exactly how dangerous they are. She's usually a pushover when it comes to talking her into something, but when she truly decides something she can be very strong-willed and it is near impossible to make her change her mind.

Background: She was born into a loving high class family, but catastrophe occured when her whole family except for she and her older brother were killed four years ago in an earthquake and the fire that followed when a candelabra fell on a table and the fire spread to the house during an aunt's birthday party. She would have died in it too if her older brother hadn't gone back into the house to try to save at least one family member. They then used their newly aquired inheritence to buy a house in a small nearby village and took jobs to feed themselves, her brother as apprentice at a bank and she as a combined maid and babysitter.

Five and a half year later, when her brother had grown to be an influential and rather rich banker, she got to knew about the asylum. She then, against her brother's initial protests, decided to take a job there as nurse in order to cure people and improve their life, as she believed everybody could be cured with proper care and love. He eventually relented and bought books for her, as well as bribing a less than moral doctor into giving her lessons. Once the doctor realized that she had a talent for psychology, he decided that, woman or not, it was a shame to let a talent like that go to waste, so he started home-schooling her for free.

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