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 Toris Lorinaitis

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PostSubject: Toris Lorinaitis   Toris Lorinaitis I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 20, 2010 9:21 pm

Character Name: Toris Lorinaitis

Age: 19

Appearance: He wears a dark colored 3 quarter sleeve shirt with a vest which is always open. Over his shoulder he carries a thick strapped bag of supplies. He also wears dark colored pants with a belt fastened around his hips and knee high military boots. Black leather fingerless gloves cover his hands and a short black scarf is always tied around his neck and tucked into his shirt. A pair of goggles rest around his neck, but he rarely is seen using them. Attached to the strap of his bag, in the back, is a shot gun. He carries with him two five inch daggers that are tucked into either of his boots with the hilts sticking out.

Species: Human

Sexuality: Bi

Personality: He always is seen with Feliks as he hunts for his revenge against the mystery vampire. He tends to be very introverted and serious with people. He almost always keeps his mouth closed unless he is talking to Feliks. He had been known to take charge of the situation at the best of times. He will protect Feliks at all costs, often causing himself to be at a higher risk to being hurt, but he doesn't mind so long as Feliks is not hurt.

Background: Toris grew up in the country side with his grandmother. There he was from anything that might creep in the night as their shelter was made to keep the creatures out. At first it had been his whole family living there, Mother, Father, Grandmother, and older brother. His older brother had gone to get help for his mother, whom was giving birth to him, and never returned. His mother died during child birth and his father went crazy because of her death and left the other two there for fend for them selves. His Grandmother was a skilled fighter, healthy still in her old age. She taught him how to defend himself against beasties and demons.
During one trip into the forest things did not go as planned for the two of them. His grandmother was taken by a demon in the shadows. There was little Toris could do as the darkness in which had swallowed his only loved one spat up only the bones in front of his feet. He ran back to the safe house as fast as he as able and stayed there for days until finally hunger drew him out... He wandered cautiously until he came upon the chapel, where he now lives.
He had quickly grown deep feeling for Feliks £ukasiewicz, but tries not to talk about it too much... Only Feliks knows these things about him.
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Toris Lorinaitis
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