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 Lukas Bondevik

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Lukas Bondevik

Lukas Bondevik

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PostSubject: Lukas Bondevik   Lukas Bondevik I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 17, 2012 1:03 pm

Character Name: Lukas Bondevik

Age: 22

Appearance: Hello...Your asking about my appearance? Well if you wait one moment i might have a photo of me that my younger brother took....Just a moment please.

Lukas Bondevik Norway

Here...It's from my mothers birthday...I don't normally look like that....This is more likely how people know me as.

Lukas Bondevik Tumblr_logbumLbRm1qkif18

Though in both of those pictures I'm not wearing my glasses. There slightly embarrassing....bulky thick black rims.... most people find them the latest fashion but on me...They look a little geekish. But...I have little money to spare on fashion. Most of my clothes are second hand and generally I dress for warmth while looking smart. So sweaters and smart trousers...non of that strange new fashions. I also have several coats for warmth....after all late night scout outs are a common activity for me.

Species: human

Sexuality: most likely bisexual but currently not interested in looking.

Personality: not a good person.... If people were fictional characters on paper i would have no problem being around them...but in person I struggle. I come aross as cold and withdrawn. I shut people out and hide away in my work like a coward. I have my manners please do not get me wrong... but I can not express my emotions...I won't express's to's to vulnerable... I even have shut out my own brother.

I hate it and i want to fix it but i'm far to scared to let people in. All i can do is work work work. I pure my whole being into this paper....Into this theory and hopefully when it's published maybe...maybe i will be a better person.

(An: Lukas has always struggled with people. After being horrendously bullied as a child and throughout his school life he found it easier to just shut people out and hide his frustrations into his work. To the point even his beloved brother was shut out as well. Even when the younger rings in to check on him he has to share Lukas's attention with the laptop screen.

Lukas has extreme difficulty with expressing himself. Often responding with a neutral reaction. But every now and then he has an outburst of what he's actually feeling which often has a awkwardly adorable response afterwords. He truly enjoys his work into the occult and currently his study on Lycanthropy. The study is actually absorbing him completely to the point he is forgetting what is truly important. He knows this at the same time but his compulsive obsession to complete this has enslaved him. He truly believes when he has completed it he may be a better person.)

Background: As a child I was often bullied.... I'm not the most confident of people and I was very small. I enjoyed strange hobbies like books on monsters and fairytales. Sports were never my thing....being asmatic didn't help muh either so of course the other children didn't want to spend time with me and when they did it was often to make fun of me. I guess people called me a coward aswell....When they found it fun to tease me it was often my little brother who came to my rescue. He was healthy...He was strong so he protected me. I should of thanked him but insted of withdrew myself. Shutting myself away and showing a cold indifferent person on the outside. It was embarrsing when my fellow classmates would ask if my knight of a brother was here to save his princess... So i escaped into my books. People were far to differecult to understand. I took a fondness to the ocult. Vampire, werewolves, yeti's and monsters...the truth or fiction behind them drew me in. I read theries and papers to my hearts content and yet i always wanted more.

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Lukas Bondevik
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