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 11-12 Newsletter

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PostSubject: 11-12 Newsletter   11-12 Newsletter I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 12, 2012 8:50 pm

Okay, time for your weekly news update!



Everyone should take a look at the Forum Rules for a few new additions! This will come in handy if you are addressed by a mod or the admin about anything. As always, if you have questions or concerns about the rules, you may contact the mods or the admin.

Activity Check #10 is closed! Anyone that did not check in received an e-mail in their inbox on Sunday. Anyone who does not respond to the e-mail by Wednesday will be deleted and their character put up for grabs. In addition to answering the e-mail, they are also required to post by Friday. Again, if they do not meet the requirements, their accounts will be deleted/characters up for grabs.

NEW! As part of our general push for more activity on the boards, the admin and mods will run weekly checks on the activity of our members. If you receive an e-mail in your box on Sunday, it is because you haven't made a post in awhile and need to do so. The mods/admin have agreed that it is not unreasonable for you to log in and post, even if it is just to let your fellow RPers know you will be away. There are people who have school or work who still manage, so really, it's not an awful lot to ask for you to at least let your fellow RPers know where you stand.

In addition, anyone who is a major player in a plot who is not active for long periods of time will NOT be allowed to hold a major role. The admin/mods will reassign roles as necessary. It is just as unfair as character-sitting for you to pick up a major role in a plot, then drop off the boards for weeks on end. If you know you can't commit for some reason, then don't. (It's just common courtesy, and keeps the AUs going and fresh). The mods/admin will NOT REASSIGN ROLES UNLESS WE HAVE TO, BUT IT WILL HAPPEN IF IT COMES TO IT.

The mods will be going through the AUs and checking profiles. If you receive a notice from a mod that your AU profile needs modified, please do so. The reason the notices are being sent out is because some profiles are not adhering to the timelines set down, are too similar to other profiles, etc. If you do not feel the profile modification request is fair, you may contact a second mod or the admin for a final decision.

The dates for Activity Check #11 will be from Sunday, December 2nd to Saturday December 8th. To anyone that knows they will be away due to work, exams, etc., please make sure that you either inform a mod or the admin or post an absence in the absence board.


- A master list of patients and staff will be appearing in this realm as well.
- Kiku will be working on the setting as she has time. In general, the Corridors, Patient Lounge, and Staff Room will remain the same, so you may continue your RPs there.

Of Magic and Owls
- If you are new to this AU, you might wish to sign up for Quidditch, become a Prefect, see your dorm assignments, etc. If you have any questions about where to do these things, or cannot find them, feel free to PM the Professor with your preferences.
- All new class RPs that need to be created have been put on temporary hold. This is so that other AUs will be developed, as well as allow more people time to join the RPs. However, if you have a specific clas request, please PM the Professor and a thread will be started for it.
- The Professor is working on a brief Character Profile for the existing (and future) Professors of the AU. (this is a WIP for now)

The Seven Seas
- The list of Jobs Aboard the Ships is finished. It will be added as a link in the description of the Pirate AU board asap.
- The Ships subboards (i.e. The HMS Black Rose) will be consolidated under a subboard, similar to the look of Hogwarts School.
- The 'Uncharted Islands' description will be worked on this week.

- A master list of taken powers, as well as recommendations for powers/powers that can be shared due to slight similarities will be placed in this realm. If you have any questions in the meantime about powers or what can/cannot be taken, please do not hesitate to post or to contact the mods/admin.


Here is a list of some of the AUs/Open RPs you might consider joining if you're looking to interact with more people or are just starting out. These are currently seeking out more RPers (the more the merrier~!):

Eternal Darkness - Haunted Sonata
Of Magic and Owls - The Club That Can't be Named (Open for any Slytherin in the Dark Arts Club
Of Magic and Owls - Muggle Studies
Of Magic and Owls - Dueling Club
Of Magic and Owls - Care of Magical Creatures
Of Magic and Owls - Exploring Hogsmeade
Of Magic and Owls - Frozen Reputation
Of Magic and Owls - Welcoming All to Hogwarts
The Seven Seas - On Stormy Seas (Open for the crew of The Black Rose)
The Seven Seas - Random Happenstance
X-Verse - Kiku's Flowershop (Haru no Hana)

Have an Open RP you'd like to have us advertise next issue, or one we've missed? PM me and I'll throw it on the list!

Latvia - Nov. 18

Feel free to drop a PM in my box. For now, I'll be signing off!
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11-12 Newsletter
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