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 The Trickster Lukas

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Lukas Bondevik

Lukas Bondevik

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PostSubject: The Trickster Lukas   The Trickster Lukas I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 10, 2012 9:01 am

Character Name: Lukas Bondevik

Age: 19

Appearance: The Trickster Lukas 1262655120455

Mutant Abilities: said to be the offspring of the god loki himself (though not true his parents are normal people who disgust him) He has the abilities akin to the god himself. He is able to create objects from a green glowing mist that then turns solid. So if Lukas wants to make a sword he can, a shield or a troll like creature he can. As long as he's able to think clearly and picture it he is able to do so. He can also teleport himself a short distance and make clones of himself. The clones though are basic and only last a few minuets before they have to repeat themselves on the action Lukas imagined them to do.

Lukas's biggest weakness would be a physic attack on his mind, even the smallest one. If it throws off his concentration his creations start to fall apart. His teleportaion has only a 1.5 meter range and he is only able to do it twice a day. Often using it to get himself out of sticky situations and hide behind something big while he recovers.

X-Men or Brotherhood: Brotherhood

X-Men / Brotherhood Code Name: Trickster Loki

Sexuality: wouldn't you like to know

Personality: Hard and cold, Lukas is described as an emotionless monster. He has no care for humans and though he doesn't agree with mutants being superior he just finds humans pitiful for fearing what they don't understand. He follows his instructions to the latter and rarely raises his voice. Generally the member who will hover at the back of the group until told to step forward.

Though be caution when in battle he is know for his dirty handed tricks and his cruelty. Coming across as polite and lulling into a false sense of security before he tries to kill you is something that generally works. He has yet to get angry and maybe that might be something that shouldn't happen. After all Someone who fights with a complete neutral face is already frightening enough isn't it?

Background: Lukas was born in Oslo, His parents were perfectly middle class and never once mistreated him. He was a polite child and did well in school and after school would do his homework and chores. He rarely misbehaved and his parents loved him dearly.

That was before though. When Lukas's powers started to kick in when he was 15 at first it was nothing big. The odd teleportation mishap. The forming of something when he was looking for it's real counterpart. but soon it got more out of control while they boy's power's were maturing. But his parents were pitiful creatures. They became frightened of the boy calling him a monster and demon. Now he hid in his room as he researched for a way to either fix himself or get help.

And then he found it, The brotherhood. They told him he wasn't the problem. He wasn't broken or a demon. No he was better then that! He was almost on the same leges as the gods! His parents where the problem, they were weak fearful creatures who couldn't understand his greatness. So from that day Lukas packed only a few things and walked out from that life on his 16th birthday.

Soon he began training with the brotherhood. His true potential showing through. He was proud that his new family appreciated him far more then the old ones did. Lukas became the newly incarnated Loki to the world. The god of tricks, It was to fitting. Though unlike some of the extreme members of the brotherhood he was not anti human. He found he didn't mind the regular people he walked by on the street after all they did not care about him. It was though who cowered....those who were weak and pitiful he couldn't stand.

Now Lukas is a respected and feared member of the brotherhood. Always ready to do his duty.
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The Trickster Lukas
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