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 11-5 Newsletter

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Mr. Newspaper

Mr. Newspaper

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PostSubject: 11-5 Newsletter   11-5 Newsletter I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 04, 2012 5:11 pm

Okay, time for your weekly news update...or rather...several-weeks-because-I'm-a-slacker update ><



Everyone should take a look at the Forum Rules for a few new additions! The main ones that concern you, the members are:
- Warnings may be issued through PM (originally it just said through the chat), since not everyone is present in our chat (and it is NOT a requirement to be part of the board).
- Extenuating circumstances (e.g. medical leaves, school) that last for longer than a week are subject to admin/mod approval. This is not to belittle real life problems, but to better address those who are getting to the point of abusing the leniency the forum has been showing so far.
- Absences that have no clear start/end date are subject to the same approval. We understand real life happens, and that you should be focused on your health or your studies (or anything else). However, you should treat your character placeholder here as a commitment, and thus if you cannot be active here you should consider whether you are able to dedicate the time to post here and be active in plots.

Activity Check #10 is underway! Please be sure to check in if you have not already. You will have until Saturday, November 10th, 11:59EST to do so! If you do not, an e-mail will be sent out to you and you will have 3 days to respond before your account is deleted and your character is put up for grabs. Anyone RPing as 2 characters MUST check in with BOTH CHARACTERS.

The dates for Activity Check #11 will be from Sunday, December 2nd to Saturday December 8th. To anyone that knows they will be away due to work, exams, etc., please make sure that you either inform a mod or the admin or post an absence in the absence board.

Over the next week, a list will be drawn up of old RPs/profiles/posts/etc. to be cleaned. This will also help give the mods work while the AU work is still in progress.

Kiku apologizes for the lack of updates. Kiku has been very busy with school too, but will continue to work on the site when she has free time.


- The final draft of The Rules of the Realm will appear this week. If you would like to suggest rules, changes, or to comment, please post here.
- A master list of patients and staff will be appearing in this realm as well.

Of Magic and Owls
- All new class RPs that need to be created have been put on temporary hold. This is so that other AUs will be developed, as well as allow more people time to join the RPs. However, if you have a specific clas request, please PM the Professor and a thread will be started for it.
- The Professor is working on a brief Character Profile for the existing (and future) Professors of the AU. (this is a WIP for now)

The Seven Seas
- Next to be finalized is the Jobs Aboard the Ships thread, which is still labeled WIP at this time.
- The Ships subboards (i.e. The HMS Black Rose) will be consolidated under a subboard, similar to the look of Hogwarts School.
- The 'Uncharted Islands' description will be worked on this week.

- A master list of taken powers, as well as recommendations for powers/powers that can be shared due to slight similarities will be placed in this realm. If you have any questions in the meantime about powers or what can/cannot be taken, please do not hesitate to post or to contact the mods/admin.


Here is a list of some of the AUs/Open RPs you might consider joining if you're looking to interact with more people or are just starting out. These are currently seeking out more RPers (the more the merrier~!):

Eternal Darkness - Haunted Sonata
Of Magic and Owls - The Club That Can't be Named (Open for any Slytherin in the Dark Arts Club
Of Magic and Owls - Muggle Studies
Of Magic and Owls - Dueling Club
Of Magic and Owls - Care of Magical Creatures
Of Magic and Owls - Exploring Hogsmeade
Of Magic and Owls - Frozen Reputation
Of Magic and Owls - Welcoming All to Hogwarts
The Seven Seas - On Stormy Seas (Open for the crew of The Black Rose)
The Seven Seas - Random Happenstance
X-Verse - Kiku's Flowershop (Haru no Hana)

Have an Open RP you'd like to have us advertise next issue, or one we've missed? PM me and I'll throw it on the list!


October 25 - Taiwan
October 26 - Austria
October 29 - Turkey

Feel free to drop a PM in my box. For now, I'll be signing off!
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Mr. Newspaper

Mr. Newspaper

Posts : 20
Join date : 2012-06-06
Location : Worldwide

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PostSubject: Re: 11-5 Newsletter   11-5 Newsletter I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 06, 2012 5:51 pm

I apologize for the delay. This was primarily done yesterday, but due to dealing with other things it only got posted today.
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11-5 Newsletter
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