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 Patient File: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo {WIP}

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Patient File: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo {WIP} Empty
PostSubject: Patient File: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo {WIP}   Patient File: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo {WIP} I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 26, 2012 4:48 pm

Character Name: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo

Age: 25

Hometown: Madrid, Spain

Patient File: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo {WIP} APH_fanart_Boss_Spain_by_NarutokingdoM

Hair: Mousy brown, short and curly

Eyes: A bright emerald green - part of his Spanish charm~

Height: 173cm

Weight: 78kg

Staff or Patient: Patient

If Patient, what is your derangement? Split Personality Disorder

Why are you here?
From a very young age, Mr Carriedo claims he was a very imaginative and active child, who was rather obsessed with pirates. No evidence has been given to show he has had a rough home life of any kind, in fact Mr Carriedo states that "while things may seem a little strange, amigo, I had the perfect childhood - best parents in the world", and has yet to hint in any form that he was abused in any way as a child.
Mr Carriedo claims that he always felt lonely as an only child, and used to conjure up 'The Conquistador' as an imaginary friend to play with. At age 19, long since he'd created 'The Conquistador', he began to have black outs which became more and more frequent, and after being imprisoned for severely hurting someone without recollection, he was diagnosed with Split Personality Disorder and ordered to complete his sentence in the hospital.

Mr Carriedo is a very dangerous patient when 'The Conquistador' is prominent, however he is allowed to mingle with the other patients with supervision as he is a very social man otherwise. He was confined 23rd August, at age 20.

Sexuality: Unknown - presumed bisexual.

Mr Carriedo is a very bright and happy young man who is very helpful and co-operative with the other patients, alongside the doctors and other staff members. He is very 'passionate' in helping others, and is in-generally liked by the majority of the residents in the hospital. He is very co-operative with taking his medication and in therapy sessions unless 'The Conquistador' is provoked.

'The Conquistador', Mr Carriedo's alternate, is a very violent alternate persona who believe he is a Spanish pirate captain, however he speaks in similar patterns as Mr Carriedo. He is prone to violent outbursts, and is very un-co-operative. He has sexually assaulted other patients, as well as violently assaulted before. He is very dangerous and must be placed in isolation when he comes about.

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Patient File: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo {WIP} Empty
PostSubject: Re: Patient File: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo {WIP}   Patient File: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo {WIP} I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 02, 2012 4:19 am

Why...why do I think that Kiku would just open up and talk to him where others have failed? *stares and loves*
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Patient File: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo {WIP}
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