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 Austria Application

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PostSubject: Austria Application   Wed Oct 24, 2012 11:01 pm

Picture here.

Human name: Roderich Edelstein

Country's name: Austria

Personality section: Roderich is a bit of a perfectionist, and very focused on his own achievements... This doesn't mean he doesn't care for others, but he can be a bit... Stuffy. He insists on having all his ducks in a row, and if you get his piano dirty or something he will yak your ear off about it until the problem is fixed. And he has a lot of ways he will get you to fix the problem. Reverse psychology, just plain being stubborn... You name it he's done it. He is also a bit of a germophobe, which especially shows itself when he is forced to leave the house. And despite loving music so much, he dislikes crowds.

Roleplay sample: Ugh... Roderich hated the surprise parties that Gilbert brought to the place.

Anything Else?: hey hey this is Greece from Terrasigma- my fave color is green.

MSN Account: I don't have one Uhm- This is awkward.
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Austria Application
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