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 That really happy Ravenclaw girl

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That really happy Ravenclaw girl Empty
PostSubject: That really happy Ravenclaw girl   That really happy Ravenclaw girl I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 24, 2012 5:29 am

Character Name: Wang Mei

Age: 13

Appearance: -image coming soon-

Blood: Half-blood

House: Ravenclaw

Pet: Xishi, a silver tabby cat

List of Classes:
  • Charms
    Study of Ancient Runes
    Defense Against the Dark Arts

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Personality: Mei is very bubbly, almost hyperactive at times. While some people annoyed with this aspect, most people find her constant happiness charming and uplifting. This is especially helpful during exams, and her love of knowledge is also beneficial to those she studies with. Mei tends to become more reserved when she becomes lost in thought, or is focused on something or something catches her interest when she’s studying or exploring.

Background: I was born to a wizard father and a muggle mother, both of whom were native Chinese. While my mother was surprised, to say the least, to discover both mine and my father’s magical status, she still loved us. At least I remember her as loving. She passed away when I was 10, so my memory might not be the most reliable. When we were together as a family, we lived peacefully in China. It was a good life, with many old and magical beings and spirits around. I would often interact with them when I was first expressing magical abilities. There was one old dragon that liked to come around and talk to me, telling me stories of the old days and old magic. I would listen and he would teach me about the magical world, more than what my father would since he did not want to upset or make my mother feel more like an outsider. I remember the fear in her face when I first mentioned my dragon tutor.
After my mother’s passing, my father got a job with the Ministry of Magic in Britain. I believe he thought a change of scenery was necessary for us, since our old home just wasn’t the same. I didn’t mind traveling though, it was like a big adventure, and I think mother would have liked it too. The weather is the only thing I complain about in Britain, but aside from that I enjoy the scenery. I still have moments though when I miss China, even though I love to travel and explore Britain.
Originally, I was to attend school in China or at Mahoutokoro, however , Hogwarts became my school of choice since my father and I wanted to be closer to each other. We went back to China for my 11th birthday and I received my wand from a wandmaker there, as well as a cat to be my companion at Hogwarts.
I am happy here are at Hogwarts, I have a few friends, I enjoy my classes for the most part, and enjoy exploring the castle and the surroundings.

Anything Else: My wand is 10 ½ inches maple with core of unicorn hair. I’m not sure what my patronus is yet since I have never cast the spell for it before. I love to travel and go exploring both out in the world and in my textbooks. I like to help people if I can. I hate it when people try to spell my name May, like the month.
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That really happy Ravenclaw girl
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