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 Hutt River

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Daniel Clarke

Daniel Clarke

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PostSubject: Hutt River   Hutt River I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 10, 2012 1:52 am

Hutt River Pbucket

Human name: Daniel Clarke

Country's name: Principality of Hutt River

Personality section:
At first glance, Daniel is a well-mannered young man with sparkles following him wherever he goes. Because of this some tourists who have visited the Principality have wondered if the vampires from Twilight actually exist, and whether Daniel is one of them. He quickly assures them that he's not a sparkly vampire, but not all of them always get the memo and sometimes need more convincing. He prefers to be called Daniel, but will tolerate his Royal Family, Australia, New Zealand and Wy calling him Danny. He loves his pet Bilby, and his Rolls Royce is his baby. He named her Lucy, and keeps his car clean (inside and out), polished, and dent free. He'd be quite angry if anyone dented or left so much as a scuff mark on her, and don't even think about tracking dirt into that car.

Being the first Australian micronation to secede he sees the other Australian micronations as his juniors, and is quite lenient with them. He also seems like he has a superiority complex and says he won't talk to anyone who doesn't own a Rolls Royce, but in reality he's a bit socially awkward and hasn't made the mental connection that keeping people at arm's length out of fear of making mistakes socially instead of socialising with them won't improve that. He's also very indecisive and takes a long time to think before making a decision because he's afraid of making the wrong one and missing out on something good.

Roleplay sample:
"I told you!" Daniel heard a voice say from outside of the entrance to the Principality, and mentally groaned. He quietly moved a bit closer so he could hear whoever it was without them seeing him. "He wears a cape and stuff, but Edward Cullen really exists! He sparkles in the sunlight and everything!"

Well, I suppose I do sparkle. He thought to himself as he took a peek at who was talking. It sounded like the tourist from yesterday who kept calling him Edward despite him reminding her repeatedly that his name was Daniel. But was it... damn! It was! This time it sounded like she brought a friend. He wanted to hide and go find his bilby and just avoid the tourists altogether, but he stopped, stood up straight, and took a deep breath. He could handle this. It was just a couple of tourists, nothing more. He walked out into the open to greet the tourists.

"Hello and welcome to the Principality of Hutt River! My name is Daniel, and I will be your guide today. Please come right this way to get your visa to enter the Principality." Daniel gestured for the tourists to follow him to get their passports stamped with Hutt River's visa stamp before entering the Principality. "Excellent. Now if you'll just enter the Principality we can start the tour..."

Daniel showed them around the Principality, and thankfully the friend was curious about his country and asked a lot of questions. It made it easier to tune out the one who thought he was a sparkly vampire. She'd ask questions too, but she still kept calling him Edward. Finally, they reached the end of the tour.

"This is the end of the tour. Are there any questions you'd like to ask?" Daniel said.

"I have one." The girl who thought he was a vampire said.

"What is it?" Daniel said.

"Where do you hide the bodies?"

"The what?"

"The bodies. You're a vampire, so where do you hide them?" The girl said, and Daniel decided to play along. He wrapped his cape around himself like Dracula would so it'd cover his mouth, and quickly used his free hand to put in some fake fangs. He then moved closer to the girl, and quickly unfurled the cape so he'd emit even more sparkles. He smiled for a moment and kept his mouth closed before moving so he was close enough to the girl to whisper in her ear.

"Would you like to find out, my dear?" He said softly into her ear, then turned slightly so she could see the fangs he was wearing. "We could go there right now."

"Th-that's okay..." The girl said, and she sounded nervous. "W-we need to go anyway, Mum's calling us."

"I don't hear anyone calling for their children, but all right." Daniel bowed deeply and gave another fang-filled smile. "Until next time, my dears. Thank you for visiting the Principality, and have a good day!"

He watched the two girls run away and knew they wouldn't be back. Good. He knew His Royal Highnesses wouldn't be at all pleased with him for scaring away tourists, but at the same time he didn't care. He took out the fake fangs put them back in his pocket before any of the Royal Family could see them, and went to welcome the next lot of tourists.

"Hello and welcome to the Principality of Hutt River! My name is Daniel, and I will be your guide today..."

Anything Else?: Blue and Green are nice colours. ^^

MSN Account: See my NZ app for this /o/
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Kiku Honda

Kiku Honda

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PostSubject: Re: Hutt River   Hutt River I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 10, 2012 4:56 pm

*stares at this*


*stares some more*


*dies laughing*


You're...*wheeze* accepted! *giggles* Welcome aboard *more silly laughter* and thank you for...seriously...*collapses from forgetting to breathe*

(You're totally accepted! Welcome and thank you for this (first thing I read this morning and literally my brother came to the door going "What the hell is wrong with you?" because I was laughing so hard XD). You can go and make your intro, start on your profiles, RPing...all the goodies <3 I can't wait to see Daniel in action in the RPs ^_^)
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Hutt River
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