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 Vash Zwingli

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Vash Zwingli

Vash Zwingli

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Character Name: Vash Zwingli / Amadeus Tanzer

Age: 18

Appearance: While not always entirely visible to everyone (depending on their sensitivity), Vash's features that do come out are seen rather vividly. Even just as an outline, he's not perceived as a tall ghost, and has a very young face, which often leads people to wonder how old he was when he died. He's pale, and his short blonde hair is choppy, with messy bangs and fringe framing his face, the length going to just past his chin. What stands out most are his deep green eyes. Even though he rarely smiles and often looks upset or annoyed, his eyes are very expressive. Vash is dressed simply in black, a long button-up shirt and what appear to be black jeans, a silver cross sometimes visibly hanging from his neck, and an ornate silver ring fixed to his left ring finger. As an apparition Vash is more visible from the thighs upward, his hands and face often the most visible whereas his legs and feet fade into shadows

Species: Human ghost

Sexuality: Gay

Personality: Vash is a complex young man where still waters run far deeper than people guess. At times, he can be aloof, moderately friendly, and noted to be a generous host, secretly appreciating the company. He's easily agitated, particularly when things slip his memory from even recent things, or when he has nights of remembering too much. His awareness comes and goes; Vash only sees things around him as he remembers them rather than as they are, so it confuses him why he hasn't seen people who often came to visit before. On nights that he's more aware that something is wrong, Vash is often angry when he's reminded that he can't leave the confines of his property, trapped there. People not speaking their mind, or wanting things and not going after them "because they shouldn't" frustrate him greatly, if only because those are things he was faced with, and feels other people need to stand up and do what is best for them and their happiness. Despite his abruptness and somewhat short temper and short term memory issues, he is very kind and giving, but also very sad, spending his nights waiting. His memories are conflicting, accumulated from two lifetimes back to back, only clearly remembering the first while the more recent is hazy to the point where he'll dismiss those memories entirely as strange dreams. Often Vash's only consuming thought is his lover and wondering when he'll be home, constantly looking to the door for him, or playing the song that was composed as a birthday present for him.


Love is eternal. Those are the words that were etched into the inside of the ornate silver band and given as a gift for Vash as a promise ring. Vash fussed and was outwardly more than a little annoyed, saying that he already knew Roderich wanted to spend his life with him, so why did he need to go out and spend money on it to prove it when they had bills to pay? Vash had moved out of his family's house and in with his boyfriend as soon as he turned 17, and Roderich was older, and already quite successful in his musical career. There were often talks about paperwork and contracts and things that would ensure that they'd both be taken care of through the dedicated musician's talents. But as much as Vash huffed, they both knew that the blonde was beyond happy. Money was tight, but things were looking up, and even though his relationship with his family was rocky at best Vash knew that for the rest of his life, he would be happy. His little sister was happy for him at least, and Roderich had been signed on by a new record company and would be touring soon. Life was looking good.

He wasn't able to go, and said he'd stay at the house and keep at his little job until Roderich came home. He called almost every night as he toured Europe, playing in beautiful concert halls, the musician working to secure their future as Vash patiently waited. But as much as Vash liked to insist he was just fine waiting, the lingering cough was worrying; Vash wouldn't take off from work, not wanting to spend the money on something as silly as a cough, and insisting he needed the extra shifts to keep up with the bills and keep him busy. The more time he spent working, the less time he sat at home alone missing his lover. It wasn't until an urgent phonecall from Vash's sister to Roderich went through that the brunette was forced home suddenly, Vash in the hospital. He'd had pneumonia for weeks and not seen anyone for it, and his work tended to keep him outside more often than not, even as the damp winter set in. Roderich wouldn't return to the rest of the tour, insisting on a family emergency; he'd go back when Vash was well, and he'd take Vash with him. But despite the soft promises in his ear and pleading for him to fight, Vash faded, begging Roderich to wait and he'd reincarnate immediately and find a way back to him.

That was 18 years ago.


Now trapped between the worlds, Vash's soul has regressed, haunting the home he and Roderich once shared, remembering nothing of his current life and family. The house is abandoned and rotting, everything in it nearly ruined, but all he sees is how he remembers it; the china is perfect, the house is very clean, and the piano Vash sits and plays at nightly is pristine. His sister may come over for dinner tomorrow, and Roderich said last night that he'd be home in a few weeks. It's strange that even to him the photos on the wall don't show his face, but he only notices that sometimes. To him, it's still early in the winter 18 years ago, and Vash is waiting patiently for Roderich to come home from his show tour so they can start the rest of their lives and finally see what happily ever after is like.
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Vash Zwingli
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