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 Surrounded by wolves...

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PostSubject: Surrounded by wolves...   Sun Sep 23, 2012 8:24 pm

It felt like every other raid they had done before. Attacking the ship, fast and superior, forcing the weak crew of the foe into surrender, trying not to get to much harm to the precious gold and all the supplies that where the reason for their attack.
Everyone of Captain Kirklands crews knew their place. They followed their leaders orders and they would succeed once again.

'Nothing is different' Ludwig told himself. 'This is a Prussian ship, but it doesn't matter.' It shouldn't matter that he could easily understand the cries for help since their enemies spoke his language. It shouldn't force Ludwig to keep his own moth shut, so they wouldn't hear his voice, his thick accent that he couldn't suppress. He acted like he always did, his face fierce and intimidate, strong and dangerous. He got his job done, but he still couldn't fight the nausea out of his stomach when a Prussian ships member begged him to spare his life, in tears, sobbing out the words in German. Mercy wasn't part of Ludwig's character, he didn't care. Unless his Captain would order him to do so, but yet he didn't kill. He just raised his fist instead of his dragger and knocked the man out. Not really a man, just a boy... Lost on the sea like he once was...


Ludwig stood by the railing of the entered ship, watching over his mates while they carried crates, boxes and barrels away from the Prussian ship, over to staple them in the storage part of the Black Rose. He had a list in hand where he noted down the content of every box that passed him by. Keeping track on the supplies was part of his job, and Ludwig always made sure to fulfill his duties in perfect organization.

The sound of raised voices and shuffling clothes made Ludwig turn his head, his senses still on guard. Even if the crew of the Prussian ship had surrendered, there might still be hot-headed ship-mates who would try to fight back despite of the lost battle.
But it was Captain Kirkland himself who crossed the ship towards Ludwig's direction. He seemed to drag one of the Prussians along, his lips turned into a smug grin.
Obviously they had a prisoner this time. Maybe the Captain saw a useful addition to this own crew in the man and wanted to break him so he would join the Black Rose?
Ludwig didn't know what the needed an other crew-member for, but he still scrabbled 'One man, Prussian, prisoner' onto his list before he strained his shoulders and nodded at his Captain once he passed by.

The prisoner himself passed Ludwig and their eyes meet for a brief moment. Ludwig drew in a breath and he immediately knew what the Captain had seen in the other man. Pride, strength, faith and unbroken devotion to whoever had been his superior leader until now. He was different to the usual average ship mate. This could become quite interesting.

Ludwig's eyes followed the two man when they stepped upon the wooden landing stage between the ships and crossed it towards the Black Rose. He felt slightly distressed, his nerves tingling. Something told him this man was special... Dangerous... Maybe he would have to be on guard around him more then he usually already was.
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PostSubject: Re: Surrounded by wolves...   Sun Oct 07, 2012 10:19 am

Gilbert tried to be dragged along in the most dignified manner as possible... which involved Gilbert trying to get Arthurs hands off him and calling him a colourful variety of insults in both German and English. His defiant eyes making contact with a few of the crew members who seemed to be enjoying the show and he scowled at them, if they thought they were going to use him as some sort of entertainment they had another thing coming. One man caught his eye in particular as he was writing a note and then looked into his eyes. Blues eyes stared into him intensely and for a moment he hesitated in his struggles before going back to cursing the Captain to the fiery pits of hell before he was dragged to the brig.


Gilbert woke up on the floor of the Ships brig with a headache and dry mouth. He groaned and sat up going to brush his hair out of his face and realizing that his arm was chained to the wall. He growled and remembered that this is where Arthur had left him after he had been dragged down here. He wondered how long he had been asleep... he did not even remember when that happened... urk... what did happen anyway when he got dragged down here...? He rubbed his head with the hand that was not chained to the wall. He scowled when he felt a bump on his head... when did that happen..? He had no idea but he defiantly had a lot to say to that accursed pirate.

"Oi Oi!" Gilbert called out to see if he was alone down here, his eyes getting use to the dank surroundings slowly. "Kirkland! You unholy Sea snake!" He growled and rattled his chains against the wall and making a general racket. He wanted to raise his voice but his throat was dry and it hurt so his voice cracked slightly and he scowled. "Let me out..." He hissed. What purpose did they have with keeping him prisoner....?

The Prussian waited for a moment but he did not get a reply, despite his hoarse voice he called out again. "Did you hear me!?" He yelled towards the what seemed to be the exit. "Don't ignore me..!" He twitched slightly, he felt his headache get worse and he sat down on the bench in his cell holding his free hand to his pounding head. He licked his dry lips and sighed and tried to think of something. "Stupid soulless pirates...." He muttered in German. They were not just going to leave him down here were they....? He felt a bit uneasy at restless souls that could be lurking on this ship of the damned and he looked around nervously.
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PostSubject: Re: Surrounded by wolves...   Sun Oct 14, 2012 7:24 pm

Five days had passed since the attack of the Prussian ship and everything had been slowed back down to normal duty. The new supplies had been sorted out and the hangovers from the aftermath drinking night where gone by now. A few bruises on the shipmates skin where still visible, but they would heal and all in all the things where back to normal. Unless the captain would see a sudden opportunity to get an other ship down, they wouldn't have to attempt a new attack or set sail for a harbour for the next three month at least.

Ludwig had followed his duties as usual when Captain Kirkland had called on him with a new order. He had almost forgotten about the prisoner they had, work and rum had been to distracting and Ludwig didn't have an open ear for the gossip of his mates. But now he was ordered to pay actual attention to the Prussian and bring him food and water once a day. He didn't know why that duty was his now others had done it until now, but orders where to follow without being questioned and Ludwig would learn about his captains motives when it would be necessary. It was possibly just because of the language he shared with the prisoner...

Opening the door to the brig without knocking Ludwig found the Prussian laying on the wooden bench with his back turned towards the iron bars that separated the actual prison from the entrance. Ludwig stepped out to stand in front of the bars and closed the door behind him. He took a closer view at the man behind the iron. His clothes where different to what he usually saw on people in the harbour or on the other ships the meet and attacked. The other one was obviously a priest... Ludwig had not noticed this detail when he had seen the man for the first time five days ago. Not that it made much difference to him who the prisoner was, he just fulfilled his duty.

"Good evening father." Ludwig spoke firmly in German, addressing the man politely but distant. "The captain send me with food and water for you." Kneeling down he dropped the tray to put it down on the floor in front of the bars.
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PostSubject: Re: Surrounded by wolves...   Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:16 am

Even though he could not get comfortable he had fallen asleep in a awkward position on the bench, his knees pressed up against his chest. Gilbert thought he was dreaming as the sound of a German voice echoed through his mind. "Hn...." He replied in German as the half sleeping feeling made him forget where he was. "It is too early for morning prays..." He went to roll over and bury his face where his pillow should be and ended up face planting against the wooden wall of the ship which let out a low thunk. "Gah!" Gilbert jumped back at the sudden surprise and only just managed to catch himself from falling off the bench.

Gilbert scowled and rubbed his face, grumbling and trying to focus on what was happening around him. "Ehh?" He looked up towards the source of the voice as the horrible realization that he had not fallen asleep on one of the church pews. He spoke in English, "Hmph! You shouldn't wake someone up so suddenly... not that hurt..." He said while trying to ignore the stinging in his nose. "Wait.... " He was finally awake enough to realize a certain fact and he switched back to German. "You can speak German....?" He said in a rather surprised voice. "I thought this floating sin casket was English....?" He was still a little dazed by the bump to the face.

Gilberts eyes glanced down towards the food that the other had brought to him, his nose wrinkling slightly. "Heh... I guess that even if I was able to find a countryman on this ship I would not be lucky enough for that to come with some beer and wurst..." He stared at the food as he tried to figure out what exactly it was meant to even be. Even if the food looked anything but appitizing, his mouth was pretty dry however and the water sounded like a good idea. He went to stand up and move over to the get his drink but the restraints around one of his arms kept him from reaching. "Ah..." He looked at the elaborate knot that kept him tied up. "I can't reach.. can you... eh.. bring it in here?" He felt awkward asking for help, he hated being kept here and he looked to the side to hide his scowl.
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PostSubject: Re: Surrounded by wolves...   

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Surrounded by wolves...
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