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 A Reminder from the Mods and Admin

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A Reminder from the Mods and Admin Empty
PostSubject: A Reminder from the Mods and Admin   A Reminder from the Mods and Admin I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 23, 2012 4:00 am

In response to some of the most recent issues, the Mods and Admin would like to remind all of the members of TWC of the following rules:

Quote :
1. Do NOT start drama in this forum or in the chat. This forum is made for RPing, not for dating, fighting, or drama of any sort. The chat is made for general conversation and occasionally random RPs.

This is the first rule of our forum and chat. It is in place to keep the focus on RPing and having fun.

Quote :
If you have beef with another member, do NOT involve other members! Keep it between you, them, and/or an admin/mod if you cannot deal with the issues yourselves. If an admin finds that you are involving other people by telling them things that should not be told, then you will be warned.

This rule also includes involving others in order to make your side of an argument known. Involving others often escalates an issue due to further misunderstandings rather than lessening them. If you find that you cannot resolve an issue between yourself and the original person, please take it off the chat/board and into PM.

The mods and admin are happy to serve as your mediators. If you are in need of the assistance of one of the mods or the admin to help resolve your issues, then we will help you. If we are not online at the time, please PM us a copy of the chat log so that we can review it.

The Chat Mods (and the Admin) have a warning/ban system in place in order to address the instances of rule-breaking. Below is a reminder of the rule in regards to the chat.

Quote :
3. The Chat Mod will issue a warning or a ban to rulebreakers. The Chat Mod is responsible for making sure that the rules of the chat are being followed by everyone. A warning will be issued for minor offenses, and a ban will be issued for either repeat offenders or a larger offense. The length of the ban depends on what you've done. If the Chat Mod isn't present, a PM containing a copy/pasted version of the chat log should be sent, and the Chat Mod will issue the warning/ban the next time the person is online.

This rule applies to the forum as well. If you receive a warning from the admin/mods, it will be one that is agreed upon by all three in the case of the forum. In the case of the chat, both chat mods must agree on the warning/ban, and if they cannot agree they must come to the admin for a final decision.

We have added two new rules to the list. These were rules that the admin felt went without saying, but will now officially be in writing on the list.

Quote :
[NEW] 8. The Mods and Admin's decisions are final! If a Mod/Admin tells you not to do something, you are not to do it. However, if you feel you have been treated unfairly, you may bring up your concerns with another mod/the admin.

This rule is also present under the Chat Rules.

The admins and mods are here not only to enforce the rules, but to help to solve problems. Their primary function is to help the members to address their issues.

However, the staff would like to remind all members that the admin/mods are also here to RP, not as staff but as members of the board. If you have an issue with a staffer in regards to an OOC conversation or RPing that does NOT have to do with staffing, please treat it as a personal conversation...and if you need the help of a third person to mediate, go to a mod/the admin for help.

The mods/admin will be keeping closer tabs on the chat and on the board. As all of us return to work or school, or simply have more on our plates, it is understandable that tensions will be higher on a personal front. The staff of TWC only ask that you take these rules into consideration, and remind all that they are ready to issue warnings or reminders as needed for those who may forget them.

The mods/admin will continue to address issues as they arise, as well as the revamp of the boards. They will work on the level of activity on the forum, and request the cooperation of all of the members of TWC in these matters.

If you have any questions in regards to this announcement, feel free to post or to PM the mods/admin. If you need a refresher, feel free to read over the Forum Rules. If you are unsure of who the mods/admins are or how to get in touch with them, check out the Admin/Mod Contact Information.
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A Reminder from the Mods and Admin
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