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 The Lady of Monroe; Im Su-Min (Su-Min Monroe) (WIP)

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The Lady of Monroe; Im Su-Min (Su-Min Monroe) (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: The Lady of Monroe; Im Su-Min (Su-Min Monroe) (WIP)   The Lady of Monroe; Im Su-Min (Su-Min Monroe) (WIP) I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 21, 2012 3:18 am

The Lady of Monroe; Im Su-Min (Su-Min Monroe) (WIP) 9246633_m_zps4f2c00f8

Character Name
Su-Min Monroe
Im Su-Min

20 years old

Lady Monroe
Lady Su-Min
Lady of the Monroe Manor


As a lady, Su-Min has an air of mysterious about her, coupled with her nationality, Su-Min isn't as talkative as most of the ladies and nobility that she knows. She is actually very reserved in public, quite and solemn. Most ladies think her a bit strange, not used to a Korean woman being considered nobility in their own ranks.

However, she is not a woman you would want to cross. She is stronger than she looks, and while her husband is away, she is in change of her husband's land and charges. She and her staff (all Korean at her insistence) defend the people on her land, Su-Min has personally taken down a thief in her home.

In her home country, Su-Min was the daughter of a powerful

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The Lady of Monroe; Im Su-Min (Su-Min Monroe) (WIP)
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