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 The Order of Voldemort

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Im Yong Soo

Im Yong Soo

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The Order of Voldemort Empty
PostSubject: The Order of Voldemort   The Order of Voldemort I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 19, 2012 7:43 am

In the start of the current year of Hogwarts, a small club was formed by a few Slytherin students after the discovery of the room or requirement in the last year. The walls are scorched black, and in these young Wizard's, an idea is hatched, to form a secret club to practice the dark arts, and use the room for their needs. Im Yong Soo was recruited in the group right at it's formation, figuring that knowing his enemy was a good plan. Famous last words.

Within a few weeks, and a few additional members from Slytherin, and a few other houses, the club members realizes they are all of pure-blood, and a few members start to steer the young, easy manipulable minds toward a darker goal. One person takes control of the club, and starts to feed his secret obsessions into the others in the club, obsessions about blood purity, and of the long ago fallen Lord Voldemort. Goals and ideas of treason and unspeakable things are hatched, all lead by the manipulators.

The members soon, after agreeing with the plans, change the club to the Order of Voldemort, and have one goal, to resurrect the Dark Lord, and purge the world of Muggle-born and Half-blood wizards. Members of this order are given a mark on their arm, as proof to their loyalty to the Dark Lord and his ideals.


As time passed, and Yong Soo did his own homework outside the new Order, the teen discovered just how deep he has gotten himself into, yet defecting is out of the option for any member of the Order. Once branded with the dark mark, they are branded for life. The only way to leave the order is in a pine box. Most members of the order are completely under the leader's spell, the only exception being Yong Soo and one other.

Braver than his other doubtful counterpart, Yong Soo will find a confidant (William), and will inform them of everything that is going on, and that person (William) goes and forms a rebuild of Dumbledoor's Army. It does not have to be called that, what ever the group agrees to call themselves is fine. While the Order of Voldemort works to further it's plans, making connections in the shady underground of the wizard community, the army trains to fight them in secret.

In my idea, Yong Soo is the only double agent, or snitch as per say. He still acts as if he is loyal to the cause, but is planning his own vigilante justice, not knowing about the army at all. Which is best because his curl betrays the man as it is, showing off his fear of just what is going on.

In the end, Voldemort is dead, and cannot be revived. But, that was never really the plan of the leader. He just uses the Order for his own means, to become the next dark lord. Looking for minions.

I was hoping everyone would get involved, one mod in each group. There should be a cap on members, and some people have to be willing to play bad guys for this to work. Yong Soo will quite possible break the worst of laws in the end.

I hope you all like the idea, if you need more details, I have more, I'm just not sure how to... word them, per say. I know where each group should meet. OV, as stated above, meets in the Room of Requirement (which is an irony) and I think that DA (again, this name can be changed) should meet in the forbidden forest. the leaders of both groups will probably be NPCs, I feel that they should, personally.

Any ideas and suggestions and questions are welcome.
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The Order of Voldemort
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