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 The Professors of Hogwarts [WIP]

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The Professors of Hogwarts [WIP] Empty
PostSubject: The Professors of Hogwarts [WIP]   The Professors of Hogwarts [WIP] I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 17, 2012 8:54 pm

Below are listed the subjects, and below those are brief profiles of each of the professors teaching the class. The list will be updated as new classes are introduced. The first profile (and most detailed) belongs to the Headmaster.

*Note: For the moment, tbe is 'to be edited', as in, to be added in later when the mun has time XD)


Name: Headmaster Quillius 'Q' V. Quindervel (Professor Q, or Headmaster Q will do just fine)
Age: You'll never know that! he's 45
Appearance: Easily found in bright and colorful (though certainly not out of fashion, mind you) robes, Professor Q stands at 5'10" and is rather lanky. He wears robes that are well tailored to him, though somehow he still feels as though he loses things up his sleeves or can't quite seem to recall where he hid that sweets he wanted to sneak back into school. He has auburn hair and brown eyes, and he's usually very cheerful.
Blood: Half-blood, related to the Dueling Club Professor
House (if you head one): Headmaster of all of Hogwarts (so he heads them ALL!). He was, in his time at Hogwarts, a Hufflepuff (and proud!)
Personality: Always happy, Professor Q is rarely seen without a smile on his face. He is rather competitive, but only over seemingly trivial things like sweets (he loves his tarts) or over his favorite Quidditch teams. He's rather quirky and fun, but he does have his serious, fatherly side. He is likely to prank you, but not when his job is to be your Headmaster.
Quirks/Odd Facts:
- He was a hatstall when he went to Hogwarts, though he won't tell you which Houses he was potentially going to be sorted into.
- He loves sweets, especially GOOD looking sweets.
- He usually takes pranks in stride, and despite his rather sunny nature he can be a fierce competitor and loyal protector of those he cares about.
- He dislikes wearing pointy wizard hats, believing them to be severely out of fashion and rather silly. He does, however, have a strange fascination with top hats, and might wear one just because he can.


Care of Magical Creatures
Name: (tbe)
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Appearance: (tbe)
Blood: Pure-blood
House (if you head one): None, though originally she was a Ravenclaw when she attended school
Personality: (tbe)
Quirks: (tbe)

(coming soon)

Dueling Club/Defense Against the Dark Arts (D.A.D.A.)

Name: Professor Xavior Quindervel (Professor X just sounds silly...but you can call him that if you must)
Age: Ha! he's 39
Gender: Male
Appearance: (tbe)
Blood: Half-blood, related to the Headmaster
House (if you head one): He does not head a House. He too was in Hufflepuff at his time spent in Hogwarts.
Personality: (tbe)
Quirks: (tbe)

Flying/Frog Choir/Quidditch Referee

Ghoul Studies
(coming soon)

(coming soon)

Muggle Studies

Name: Professor Jonathan Freed
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Appearance: (tbe)
Blood: Muggle-born
House (if you head one): He does not head a House, but he is in charge of a rather secret project that only a few know about.
Personality: (tbe)
Quirks: (tbe)


Name: Professor Ignata Firestorm
Age: 37
Appearance: (tbe)
Blood: Pure-blood
House (if you head one): Head of Slytherin House
Personality: Strict and technical are the names of her game. If you want to make a potion, you will do it right. Your blood does not excuse your failures, only makes the need for hard work and discipline all the more important. She will execute her classes professionally and will take points from late students, class clowns, those who sleep in her class, or for those unprepared for class. If she MUST put up with your failures (sadly, not all are truly flawless in the art of potion brewing), you may find yourself at the back of the classroom...FAR away from her desk and spotless books. But underneath her rather rigid personality is a person who truly cares about the advancement of her classes. Not one student has failed her class, not in all the years she has taught at Hogwarts. And the OWLs and NEWTs? Her students (the ones she suggests move on) have all passed with flying colors.
- She dislikes failure
- Her classroom has been blown up so many times that she is no longer allowed to take points away from a certain House/person for it.
- She has no class favorites, only people who don't disappoint her as badly as others.
- She cares very highly about the success of her class, and may bluntly suggest a student get help.
- Her methods of putting information in your ear range from repetitive practice, writing, talking/shouting, or combinations of all three.
- It is said that she spent her early years not at Hogwarts, but at a secret military school that specialized in both Muggle and Wizard warfare, but no one has any proof of that.

(coming soon)
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The Professors of Hogwarts [WIP]
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