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 Locked Out [Francis]

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William Anderson

William Anderson

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PostSubject: Locked Out [Francis]   Locked Out [Francis] I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 17, 2012 10:02 am

[[This is a past thread set soon after William arrives at the Academy and his control over transforming himself wasn't very good. He also hadn't chosen another name for himself when he was transformed yet.]]

"Let me in!" Will banged on the door of her dorm, and she didn't really care who she woke up in the process. Her powers had activated in her sleep, she'd woken up female for the first time since she arrived at the Academy, and her room-mates hadn't liked the change. They'd kicked her out of the dorm before she could grab her door key or even her toothbrush because these dorms were male only.

To her she didn't even look all that different to when she was a guy! She only lost maybe an inch of height, her breasts were a little more noticeable, and her hair was shoulder-length rather than being chin-length as usual and retained the same curls. She didn't see it as being all that much of a difference.

The one thing she was thankful for was that she was wearing pajamas and hadn't slept shirtless like her room-mates. She'd learned from experience back home that waking up female and shirtless was a shocking thing not only for her but also for other people if they barged into her room so she always made sure to sleep fully clothed. She looked around, and fortunately no one else was in the halls as yet so maybe she could change back and get back into her dorm room before anyone could find out about this.

"Come on, guys, it's me, William! Couldn't you just toss me a change of clothes and a towel if you're not going to let me back in?" Will said, and banged on the door again. The door opened, and one of her room-mates was standing there.

"William doesn't have tits, and his hair's shorter than yours. Go back to your own dorm." He said, and closed the door.

"But this is my bloody dorm!" Will yelled through the door. "You guys know what my powers are, and I don't throw out any of you for losing control of yours! This isn't fair!"

She leaned against the wall next to the door and sighed. She wondered if or when she'd change back, and more importantly, if she'd still have enough time to get ready for class when her room-mates either left for classes or she changed back into a boy and managed to prove that she was still their room-mate.
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Locked Out [Francis]
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