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 The Rules of the Realm [WIP]

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PostSubject: The Rules of the Realm [WIP]   Sun Sep 16, 2012 3:01 am


You may choose to be a staff member at the Asylum (e.g. Doctor, nurse), or you may choose to be patient. You must specify which one you are in your Character Profile.

There is no god-modding or power playing. If you are involved in a fight, make the fight realistic.

Please respect that everyone has limitations. While this RP has mature themes (i.e. torture, violence, etc.), that does not mean that everyone is perfectly fine with all of those things.

If either a Staff member or a Patient is uncomfortable with the content in a RP (i.e. violence, gore, torture) and wishes to drop the RP without completing it, simply post an OOC comment that states that the RP has been dropped. The RP will then be moved to the Archives. This is an option for those who have changes of heart while RPing, or if content takes a turn in the RP that you are not comfortable with.

If there is content in an Open RP that you are not comfortable with (i.e. gore, torture, etc.), you may drop out of the RP by using an OOC comment. If you are not comfortable leaving an OOC comment to drop out of the RP, simply PM Professor and he will establish a plot point to write your character out of the RP.

Should comfort zones be breached too many times in a RP, and should the staff be notified enough times, the mods in agreement with the admins will close down a RP, send warnings out to individuals, or any other appropriate action. These courses of action will be discussed outside of the AU in the appropriate board.

Occasionally, the Professor will mandate (aka start) various plot events. These will be Open RPs that both patients and staff may join.


You may request to have a specific Doctor/Staff member attend to you. Please try to keep the RPing fair (i.e. if three patients want the same doctor, try to rotate or work out different RP schedules so no one is left out). If you are unable to work it out, please PM Professor.

Please be mindful of other patients' limitations, as well as staff limitations.

For any major plot points involving other patients (i.e. forming a gang), please post it in the Plot Central board.


Staff are expected to interfere should fights among the patients break out. Please be realistic in your containing of the chaos, as well as mindful of the comfort levels of those involved.

The list of Staff assignments to specific patients will be posted as a sticky in the Staff Room board. Please try to keep the RPs fair (i.e. if three patients want the same doctor, try to rotate or work out different RP schedules so no one is left out). If you are unable to work it out, please PM Professor.

The Professor is the Head Doctor of the Asylum. He will function primarily as a go-to for the staff, but he can also be asked to evaluate patients in a doctor-patient-head doctor RP if all parties are in agreement. If you are in need of the Professor, simply PM him or leave a plot post for him in the Plot Central board.


If you have any questions about the lore, you can post them below or start a separate discussion about them.
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The Rules of the Realm [WIP]
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