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 9-17 Newsletter

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PostSubject: 9-17 Newsletter   9-17 Newsletter I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 16, 2012 1:50 am

Yes...late again...seems to be a theme with me!

Okay, time for your weekly news update!



Please read over the newest Announcement, which will be posted in the Forum Update thread! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Announcement, please PM either the mods (Gil or Arthur) or Kiku.

On Sunday, September 23rd, our Activity Check #9 will begin! The requirements for the check in have been updated. You will have one week to respond, and after that an e-mail will be sent out to you. If you do not respond within 3 days, your account will be deleted and your character up for grabs. If you know you will be on hiatus at that time, please make sure your absence is posted up in the absences thread.

PLEASE NOTE: To those simply on hiatus for school (that is, a rather on-and-off again hiatus), you will still be required to check in.

Kiku apologizes for the lack of updates the past two weeks. This next week will see more updates happening. If there is anything urgent you wish to have brought to Kiku's attention about the boards, the RPs, etc., feel free to drop Kiku a PM. Many of the updates that will take place this week are being fleshed out by the staff in their cozy staff board.


- The first draft of The Rules of the Realm has been posted. If you would like to suggest rules, changes, or to comment, please post here. The rules will be finalized in the next week.
- A plan for a compiled staff /patient list(s) has been mentioned in the Rules, and will be finalized and posted sometime this week.

Le Carnaval
- Kiku will continue working with a few of you to flesh out the location of the club a little better, as well as what is on each floor. This might not happen all in one week, but it is in progress.
- Plotting for larger things (i.e. attempted robbery of the club, theme nights) should be posted up in the Plot Central board. Anyone is welcome to suggest something for a plot.

Of Magic and Owls
- All new class RPs that need to be created have been put on temporary hold. This is so that other AUs will be developed, as well as allow more people time to join the RPs. It will also give the Professor time to post up a brief Character Profile for the existing (and future) Professors of the AU. (this is a WIP for now)
- The Classrooms Thread will continue to be updated as more classes go live.
- Plans have been started in order to organize Frog Choir. The official start to this class is still TBA, but the plans are at this point in progress.

The Seven Seas
- The 'Uncharted Islands' are now a subboard in this AU. It may serve many purposes in your RPs to come. The detailed description will be coming soon!
- Next to be finalized is the Jobs Aboard the Ships thread, which is still labeled WIP at this time.
- The Ships subboards (i.e. The HMS Black Rose) will be consolidated under a subboard, similar to the look of Hogwarts School. There will also be a thread created for the submission of a new ship. This will happen either this week or early next (depending on Kiku's schedule)

- The Rules of the Realm will be posted up sometime this week, which will include all of the general RP rules, as well as better flesh out the rules about the powers.
- The mods/admin are hard at work compiling a list to help everyone keep track of the powers that are already taken, ones available that can be similar, etc. Any questions once this thread goes live should be forwarded to the mods or admins.
- Please continue to give your input (or give, if you have not already) on the following threads. These will help Kiku finalize the locations for the AU much sooner.


Here is a list of some of the AUs/Open RPs you might consider joining if you're looking to interact with more people or are just starting out. These are currently seeking out more RPers (the more the merrier~!):

Of Magic and Owls - Muggle Studies
Of Magic and Owls - Dueling Club
Of Magic and Owls - Care of Magical Creatures
Of Magic and Owls - Exploring Hogsmeade
Of Magic and Owls - Welcoming All to Hogwarts
The Seven Seas - Random Happenstance
X-Verse - Kiku's Flowershop (Haru no Hana)

Have an Open RP you'd like to have us advertise next issue? PM me and I'll throw it on the list!


9/6 - Happy belated birthday to Toris!
9/10 - Happy belated birthday to Kiku!
Edited by Mr. Newspaper (thankfully before this went live) : Shh...they already knew that anyway! >.>

Feel free to drop a PM in my box. For now, I'll be signing off!
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9-17 Newsletter
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