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 Most Heroic Doctor EVER

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Character Name: Alfred F Jones

Age: 22


Most Heroic Doctor EVER Docjon10

Staff or Patient

Doctor, has a huge interest in psychology and psychiatry




Has a very bright, open personality and tends to just get along with everyone. He can also be rather egotistical at times without really meaning to. Alfred also has no sense of personal space. He also believes in a different way of curing and providing treatment to patients. Inspired by the works of Sigmund Freud he agreed that providing a patient with a comfortable safe environment helped to put them at ease and stress them less therefore making it easier to talk to them and find a more suitable source of treatment.
Due to this Alfred is found to be really friendly with most of the patients trying to get them to trust him on a level where its easy for him to talk to them.

At first glance Alfred appears to be rather loud, egotistical and a bit slow but once you get to know him. He's smart, very protective of people he cares about and tends to have a temper on him if you push the wrong buttons.


Alfred was a bright and overly friendly child filled with energy. That made him very forward making it really easy to make friends. One day as he was making his way to school he decided to take a different route which caused him to walk past the gates of the garden of the local orphanage. There seeing a lone boy playing with his bear, Alfred somehow felt a connection to him and made up his mind to befriend him.

They hit it off really well and became the best of friends. At first Alfred was convinced that Mattie was like his long lost brother but after constant badgering to his parents he found out he was an only child and his parents didn't have any more kids. That made him think... if Mattie wasn't his brother then he had to be his soul mate.. the person he was suppose to be with. Even at a young age Alfred often thought about cheesy stuff like that. Finding the person you were meant to be with, gender really wasn't an issue to him. He honesty thought that Mattie and him would be like this until they were both old enough for Alfred to get him out of there

That proved to be not the case. One day his parents said they had to move without warning.. Alfred didn't get a chance to even tell Mattie he had to go that he would come back for him once he was old enough. Alfred was angry at his parents.. he knew Mattie would be waiting for him but what could he do? He was just a kid.

One day when he was 18 he had to go on a school trip which brought him back to his old home town. Alfred had an idea, he planned to get to the orphanage get Mattie out of there and run away together. Being away from Mattie made him think about alot of things and it came down to the fact he was in love with this boy he met just because he decided to take a different route, It didn't matter where they went as long as they were together but... when he reached there they told him they had sent Mattie away that he kept saying he had a friend a boy they never could see and that he was always talking to his bear. They didn't even know which hospital they had sent him too.

Alfred was stunned... it was because of him.. that Mattie ended up in that place. Because no one believed that he was real.. He left the place heartbroken and determined. he would become a doctor and help people like Mattie and maybe.. Mattie himself if he could ever find him. Alfred started to study hard and entered med school having a huge interest in psychology and psychiatry. He was disgusted with the current treatments they gave mental patients and agreed with Sigmund Freud's works. He dedicated all his work and studies to the proper care of patients. After he finished his studies they assigned him to a mental hospital where he could put his way of treating patients to work.
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Most Heroic Doctor EVER
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