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 Overview of X-Verse's Natallia

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PostSubject: Overview of X-Verse's Natallia   Wed Aug 29, 2012 6:10 pm


Profile here
About to join the Brotherhood.
Her mutant abilities allow her to deflect other mutant abilities. Though she doesn't have a full handle on her abilities so it is unknown of everything she is capable of deflecting.
She was taken from her family at a young age, but she remembers having a crush on her older brother very well. Her dream is to be able to find him again and marry him.



Partner: None
Family: NPC adoptive parents, NPC birth mother, and NPC siblings
Friends: None at the moment
Enemies: None at the moment

Toris Laurinaitis
  • He was the one to talk her into joining the Brotherhood.
  • They will be teammates.
  • Expected more interaction to come so more to be added later.
Yao Wang
  • They will be teammates.
  • Expected more interaction to come so more will be added later.
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Overview of X-Verse's Natallia
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