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 Rhys Kirkland: The red Wolf.

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Rhys Kirkland: The red Wolf. Empty
PostSubject: Rhys Kirkland: The red Wolf.   Rhys Kirkland: The red Wolf. I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 29, 2012 4:49 pm

Character Name: Rhys Kirkland

Age: He is 25 but he looks younger due to having wolf blood.


Rhys Kirkland: The red Wolf. RHYYYYS

Appearance as a wolf:
When Rhys is in wolf form he has the same reddish fur colour as his human hair.

Species: Werewolf

Sexuality: Demisexual


Rhys is a quiet mannered individual who usually spends his time reading or writing about this or that but in particular has a fondness for history and poetry. Although he finds his affliction as a wolf to be rather troublesome he was not that much of a social butterfly to begin with so becoming a recluse was most likely something that would of happened anyway. Growing up Rhys was by nature passionate, expressive and creative. He is a relatively placid, self confident and successful at what he does and prefers to do things in his own way. He is very stubborn and if he is insulted or bullied he will not stand for it, however he does not respond to immature acts and finds those best to just ignore. Rhys has an outwardly stoic appearance but he can be rather snarky in a collective manner, never afraid to speak his mind on the subject if he is asked. You may regret asking him however…

Although Rhys can be witty and does have a sense of humor…. He is awful at telling jokes. Jokes just do not come naturally to a sober Rhys. His joking, sarcasm and serious tone is almost exactly the same and he is better suited to telling stories then jokes.Rhys will most often take what you say quite literally, expect a cold and unamused face if you say something that you might consider funny.

As much as Rhys likes to be a quiet philosopher he knows how important it is to pull ones weight when needed and is not afraid to get his hands dirty with a hard days work which is the attitude of any good farm boy after all.


As a human :
Rhys grew up as a country boy and made a living on his family farm that specialized in wool production which is located past the outlying suburbs of the city and on the edge of the forest that surrounds it. He spent most of his days when not at school tending to the sheep and shearing them when it came time. His siblings did not want a career as sheep farmers so they all ended up moving to the city or other places to find better or more interesting lifestyles. Rhys however loved the peaceful setting of the countryside and the satisfaction of a hard days work. Although his father and himself worked hard to keep profits coming in it was mainly just used to pay bills. The farm had been in the family for generations and they owned both the house and the land and had no debts to pay off, the lands were always green so the sheep always had plenty to eat and things only got very busy twice a year when the sheep needed to be sheared so life in Rhys opinion was rather peaceful and enjoyable.

One night Rhys heard a commotion in the fields and by the distressed noises the sheep were making he assumed that wild dogs or another predator was attacking the flock. He grabbed the shot gun and quickly went out to the fields to protect his flock, once there he was attacked and bitten by a hungry werewolf. Rhys managed to get fire off his shotgun and scare off the wolf who fled with one of the sheep as a much easier meal. As his parents came outside to see if Rhys had scared off the wild animal they found him bitten and bleeding and he was quickly raced to the hospital, lying and saying that it had been a wild dog attack.

As a werewolf:

Due to his behavior as a werewolf his parents had to sell the flock as he would just make a meal out of them during a full moon which would leave Rhys feeling incredibly guilty and heartbroken over the fact he had killed animals that he had raised and cared for as well as destroying his parents livelihood. Since then his parents had converted the farm into a vegetable farm and using the fields as orchards. They go hunting for deer and wild game before it gets close to the full moon and leave it there for when he transforms, his parents using the days surrounding the full moon to go into the city and gets supplies and hoping that their son does not hurt anyone or get hurt. So far he has been rather lucky mainly due to the isolation of the farm and the fact that he always has a ready meal and although he is ashamed of what he becomes he works hard for it to not be too much of a burden and works hard to make up for what his parents do for him.

Like most werewolves his choice to be one was not his own and the lure of being a wolf was not as glamorous as the ones the vampire seemed to lead. Even if there are social groups that support werewolves he tends to keep away from things like that.

Rhys does go into the city however sometimes to visit people or go to the farmers market or the bookstore but usually he prefers to keep to himself.
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Rhys Kirkland: The red Wolf.
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