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 Gils' friendship map!

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PostSubject: Gils' friendship map!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 3:12 am


Relationship status: Single
Friends: Francis, Kiku
Rivals: Most Gryffindors- mainly those on the quiddich team.

NAME: Alfred F Jones

MET: He met Alfred on his first day of Hogwarts.

FIRST IMPRESSION: He liked the the way the other stood, he was confident and friendly and his non aggressive or defensive behavior set him at ease, defiantly someone who looked like enough fun to know all the awesome places this school had to offer.

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: They started off as friends but became rivals when they ended up in different houses.


NAME: Lovino Vargas

MET: They met as students here in the Slytherin dorm room although they may have met before....

FIRST IMPRESSION: An angry ball of Italian rage.

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Room mates.... they somewhat.... exist in the same space.

NAME: Kiku Honda

MET: Gilbert first notices Kiku here

FIRST IMPRESSION: Very interesting.



NAME: Natallia Arlovskaya


FIRST IMPRESSION: He is going to find her very very pretty.

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: He wants to ask her on a date.


NAME: Francis Bonnefoy

MET: N/A Most likely in one of Gils first classes.

FIRST IMPRESSION: He found Francis amusing and he could easily joke with him.



NAME: Arthur Kirkland


FIRST IMPRESSION: Most likely fun to annoy

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Will most likely be rivals
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Gils' friendship map!
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