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 Le Status of Francis in this AU

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Le Status of Francis in this AU Empty
PostSubject: Le Status of Francis in this AU   Le Status of Francis in this AU I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 08, 2012 7:43 pm


Profile here
Seventh year Ravenclaw Student.
Also the Prefect of his house. Tends to take his responsibilities seriously even when he complains about doing so.
Believes himself to be hetereosexual, only beginning to find attraction towards males. He's still very uncomfortable when it's pointed out or even being hit on by a male because he hasn't accepted the fact he's bisexual yet.
Originally went to Beauxbatons but transferred into Hogwarts some years ago. He comes from a pureblood family in France.
Is the commentator for Qudditch games and Head Frog of the Frog Chior.



Partner: None
Family: NPC mother and NPC father
Friends: Gilbert and Arthur
Enemies: Arthur

Arthur Kirkland
  • They've met sometime when Francis first came. They're in several classes together due to being the same age.
  • They also see each other a lot during Prefect duties.
  • It's a bit of an odd relationship, since they're both friends but also enemies too. Francis likes to tease and sometimes prank Arthur, but he's also willing to help Arthur out when he really needs it.
Gilbert Beilschmidt
  • They've met early in year. They are in several classes together, being the same age.
  • Francis has tried to help Gilbert with getting the hang of things in Hogwarts. The two bonded over being exchange students and become quick friends.
  • Francis is more likely to get into some mischief around Gilbert, even when he's not meant to cause trouble as a Prefect.
Kiku "Keeks" Honda
  • They've met when they first started sharing dorm rooms.
  • Other than they see each other in their dorms and share a house, they don't speak with each other much outside of that.
William Anderson
  • Francis just knows of him, having seen him around before.
  • No real plans of what their relationship is yet
Feliks Lukasiewicz
  • They haven't met yet, but plans to have Francis confuse Feliks for a girl and flirt with him
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Le Status of Francis in this AU
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