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 The Silent Slytherin Stalker [WIP]

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The Silent Slytherin Stalker [WIP] Empty
PostSubject: The Silent Slytherin Stalker [WIP]   The Silent Slytherin Stalker [WIP] I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 08, 2012 6:36 pm

Character Name: Natallia Arlovskaya

Age: 15

Professor or Student: Student

Appearance: Meh I'll get to this later when I find the right pic.

Blood: Pure-blood

House: Slytherin

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Favourite Spell: Confringo

Best Class: Defence Against the Dark Arts

Care of Magical Creatures
Defence Against the Dark Arts
Ghoul Studies
History of Magic
Study of Ancient Runes

She's a girl that keeps to herself, not interested in befriending others unless they give her a significant reason for it. However it is hard to tell exactly what she'll consider to be a significant reason. Figuring out what's on her mind can be difficult, even once you're aware of her obsession, knowing anything else about her other than that can be impossible to decipher on your own. Yet that seems to be the way she likes it. She doesn't bother others in their affairs and she rather people kept out of her affairs.

Learning the different spells that are out there to offer have always been a priority of hers. Whenever she isn't using her spare time to sneak into the Slytherin male dormitories, she'd be reading up on spells and how to better cast them. Offensive spells are her specialty and for her year she is one of the stronger duelists. It's not uncommon for her to read ahead to learn spells that can better her ability in a wizard's duel. A part of her doesn't like the idea of being so easily bested by older students just for knowing better spells, while the other part of her wants to be sure she can do anything she can to protect the person of her obsession.

Due to her interest in learning new spells, plus with the few students in her house that mention having interests in the Dark Arts, she does have some knowledge in how to pull off some Dark magic. To her, a spell is a spell. The Dark Arts is just something extra that can always come in handy whenever she needs it. Though it doesn't mean she'll use it at any opportunity she can. She just believes that there are situations where using the Dark Arts is excusable, especially when there are people out there just as happy to use it on you. It's also the reason why she performs so well in Defence Against the Dark Arts - she knows that Dark magic from experience.

While many Slytherins are indeed secluded to their own house, she's not only annoyed by students in the other houses but also students in her own house. The Gryffindors are generally loud idiots that only cause trouble, the Ravenclaws really had no real idea of intelligence but bragged about it nonetheless, and the Hufflepuffs were lazy to have no standards and accept "all the rest". She should expect better of her own house, seeing as many of them came from wealthy families, but no. Many Slytherins talked the talk but couldn't back up their words. These were the sort of people she didn't want to waste her time on, so she could seem very cold towards most students. Her reaction varies from outright ignoring to hexing them depending on how annoying she finds them.
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The Silent Slytherin Stalker [WIP]
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