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 8-6 Newsletter

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PostSubject: 8-6 Newsletter   8-6 Newsletter I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 05, 2012 4:05 pm

Okay, time for your weekly news updates~!



The classes in Of Magic and Owls will continue to be started this week. While it is not mandatory for anyone to join, each class will contain some sort of useful hint that will help you in the upcoming plot twist. So even if you aren't involved in the RPs, you might find it helpful to get 'notes' (summaries or basic info) from another student.

A Class List[/color] (list of classes taught at a typical American school) has been posted in the 'What You Need to Know' section of X-Verse. If anyone has any questions or suggestions, feel free to post them there. More changes will occur in this world as more public plotting happens.

Three new threads, started by yours truly, have gone live in the Plot Central portion of X-Verse. The first is a poll for you to vote on. The second and third are specific to those who may want to see others to plot with, respectively on the X-men and the Brotherhood sides. Again, we encourage you to plot on the board to get as many people involved in larger groups like these, so we don't run into timezone issues, complaints about people not RPing with others, etc.


The rules for The Seven Seas AU have been posted. Please read over them and follow them when RPing in that AU. For plotting purposes (and for the realism of the AU), any RPs that concern members joining or leaving ships need to be discussed with the ship's Captains. If you are not sure who the captain of each ship is, the crew listings are underneath the ship's descriptions.

The rules are still up for discussion there, so if you'd like to have a rule added or have an issue with a rule, feel free to post there, or in the Plot Central thread.

If you have any suggestions or descriptions of places to be considered for the plots of the AUs (i.e. X-Verse, Carnaval, Medieval, etc.), please post them in the Plot Central boards, NOT in the other boards. This is so the descriptions can be discussed, cleaned up, and modified to fit the rest of the layout of the board. If your post has been moved, it has been moved to the Plot Central board, located under the 'Basics' board in each AU.


Here is a list of some of the AUs/Open RPs you might consider joining if you're looking to interact with more people or are just starting out. These have either started this week, or are seeking out more RPers (the more the merrier~!):

Of Magic and Owls - Dueling Club
Of Magic and Owls - Care of Magical Creatures
Of Magic and Owls - Exploring Hogsmeade
Of Magic and Owls - Welcoming All to Hogwarts
The Seven Seas - Random Happenstance
X-Verse - Kiku's Flowershop (Haru no Hana)

Have an Open RP you'd like to have us advertise next issue? PM me and I'll throw it on the list!


Activity Check #8 is closed. For anyone that did not check in, an e-mail will be sent out and you will have 3 days (until the specified time in the e-mail) to respond before your character is put back up for grabs.

E-mails will be sent out by Kiku this week to a few members. If you receive an e-mail, please respond as quickly as possible. We have had some trouble with inactivity and commitment, and this needs to be sorted before the plots become very involved. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Don't forget to join Open RPs as well as continuing to be active in your private RPs! We encourage you to take part in both, in order to interact with everyone!

The dates and requirements for the next Activity Check (#9) are already posted. Take a look and be sure you have fulfilled all of the requirements by that point!


Happy belated birthday to our lovely China RPer, Yao! And also to our Aussie, Leon~! <3

Feel free to drop a PM in my box. For now, I'll be signing off!
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8-6 Newsletter
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