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 X-Men, Assemble!

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PostSubject: X-Men, Assemble!   X-Men, Assemble! I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 05, 2012 4:00 pm

This thread will be for the X-men to plot on as a group, so that everyone involved in that group can keep up with the plotting, submit suggestions, etc. If anything is happening in a private conversation that might affect the group, please post it here!

EXAMPLE: Francis goes out on a recruiting spree and picks up Gil and Alfred, who then confront Matthew about joining. Yao gets wind of their plans and tries to head them off.*

If your character is planning to join the X-men at some point, or if your idea involves the X-men as a group and you are not part of Xavior's school, you may also post here.

EXAMPLE: Arthur is confronted by Francis and Alfred after defecting to the Brotherhood. A fight occurs that destroys half the school, injuring Lili. Kiku closes his flowershop and disappears for awhile, ending up in the Brotherhood with Arthur.*

EXAMPLE: After being disgusted with Toris' practices in the Brotherhood, Yao attempts to defect to the X-Men.*

*The above examples are completely made up, not actual plot points unless you guys want them to be XD

These examples involve not just the individuals mentioned, but alter relationships overall (i.e. so someone who once hated Yao now has to work with him, etc.). That is the main reason why it is important to plot on the boards for this AU, or to post up your plot ideas for groups so that others can join and develop them.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME. I'll be around to help as a messenger. You can also poke the Professor account if you need an NPC to, well, Professor things he's not as cool as I am though. Enjoy your plotting~
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X-Men, Assemble!
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